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Xining traffic police to take six measures to curb the accident prone

at present, Xining city traffic police brigade accident according to all kinds of traffic accidents occurred in three county in 2007 to October this year four districts, especially major traffic accidents, combined with the actual area of the district (county), the accident prone area in the investigation. Up to now, in the four districts of the county found a total of 10 traffic accident prone section and the black spots of the 28 traffic accidents in the past three. These sections from 2007 to October the number of deaths in traffic accidents in more than, of which the number of deaths in Qaidam road reached 38. Vehicle speeding, improper operation of the driver, not in accordance with the provisions of traffic and pedestrians crossing the road is the main cause of serious traffic accidents (the following statistics are from 2007 to October 2009). read more