Shanghai Longfeng station for the update and optimization of soft writing should start from where

third, outside the station is soft webmaster for compulsory website promotion. Shanghai Longfeng optimization we have to mention the soft writing, in fact, Shanghai Longfeng writing contains two parts, one is the station for the update I have detailed illustrates this point, we focus on the optimization of Shanghai dragon soft writing process we should analyze the details of what the first material sources, we know that Shanghai dragon soft Wen has a characteristic that is practical and timeliness is very strong, timeliness we can pay attention to the webmaster website, like Shanghai Webmaster Tools recently launched a new algorithm, this time we seize this point, Shanghai dragon thinking " read more

The exact weight loss in the construction of the chain increased to avoid

: first set the exact key page. No matter what the industry site, there are key columns page, general site high weight is the home page, column page to weight the weight but in some cases the owners need to improve the inside pages, such as the mall site encountered in holiday promotions, may need to provide high weight holiday promotion page, but these far away from home page, click on the depth of the spider, is difficult to have the corresponding weights, owners need to think of ways to improve the weight of this page. At this time, to directly add the promotional page in the site’s home page links, or left and right side navigation on the homepage of the call for the latest web page, the page, this page is needed to obtain the weight, the most effective way is to add on the home page within the chain construction, focusing on the front page of the page settings within the chain if not, import external links, can also get high weight. read more