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Huizhou Shanghai dragon blog K station mystery WordPress defect

believes that the Shanghai dragon are to understand the same station repeat included simple to understand, that is the other station reprint station of its own, as A5 submission was reprinted. And early in the site, in order to let Huizhou Shanghai dragon blog be included in a faster retrieval, Ye Jianhui also threw a few notes, construction on the outer chain. However, don’t want to be included fast, faster hair. Because of this, let Ye Jianhui have caused due to excessive reproduced drop included even plucking speculation. read more

Love from Shanghai home changes to talk about how to enhance the user experience

three changes: massive resources as you add

two changes: personalized navigation

love Shanghai, for our Chinese most users are not unfamiliar, if you encounter what do not know, a lot of people will tell you "love Shanghai". Above a Shanghai love logo, love Shanghai following a search box of love Shanghai home, the home with us how many years. But in this year, love Shanghai on its home page is constantly adjusted, careful users will find such changes. The crazy love for you will send love listed Shanghai home what changes, its change can bring what kind of user experience. read more

The search engine spiders is the enemy of God, or pigs as teammates

The explosive growth of the Internet

: you are a spider warm boiled frog to pit teammates

the Internet is to refresh the age, saying there is no fear of God, the same opponent, afraid of pigs as teammates. Most of the time, for our Shanghai dragon people, the search engine giant spiders, whether the enemy is a friend, God is still a pig, jumped out of an idea that occasionally. May also contact Shanghai Longfeng decades you can also feel that only touched the hand, seems to be in control, what, we explore the Shanghai dragon road, bridge in the dark. So what, this spider is read more

How to do the basic construction of love put in front of the Shanghai auction

for infrastructure construction, large companies naturally have more advantages than small companies, after all, to do the above points are to spend money. For SEMer, in the analysis of daily put in effect, will also need.

consulting tool matching. For the love of Shanghai promotion, consultation tools are not support online consultation, more is to bear data analysis and statistical consulting the antecedents of burden.

2. browser compatibility. The test site is not only the compatibility of the design and process of things. If you love Shanghai for landing page appears misplaced in a browser, the basic contents can display, conversion effect as can be imagined. read more

Keywords high value users search habits and psychological grasp research

also said that the Mid Autumn Festival, "

4 Mid Autumn Festival pictures


don’t know if you have no concern for the Mid Autumn Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival the word love Shanghai now daily index is about 20 thousand, ranked below to see several related keywords before ten:

10 Mid Autumn Festival holiday arrangements 2010

users in the search for the word we are thinking of a kind of how it? Most people from half a month ago and began thinking about the Mid Autumn Festival holiday from a holiday, so we will pay attention to the "Mid Autumn Festival holiday" Mid Autumn Festival "," Mid Autumn Festival holiday notice "the Mid Autumn Festival holiday arrangements" in these words, and to the Mid Autumn Festival everyone needs to send blessings, so some people will search "Mid Autumn Festival" mid autumn festival greetings "blessing SMS" such words, "the origin of the Mid Autumn Festival" the word is reserved for those who do not know much of the mid autumn festival but very curious people, as of last year’s Mid Autumn Festival is full of memories from last year’s Mid Autumn Festival or hope to find some traces of "2010" Mid Autumn Festival "Mid Autumn Festival holiday arrangements 2010". We see in these words in several habits: doubts type, to find answers, want to know the "Mid Autumn Festival number"; the purpose is very clear, for example, "the Mid Autumn Festival holiday arrangement"; and the feelings of the class, I hope there will be a blessing to their loved ones, "Mid Autumn Festival blessing language". You can also analyze these good habits. read more

Love back eight days of Shanghai

5. is the stability of the virtual host, if the server is not stable, Everything is nothing, hosting the proposal after site selection of stable, but the company has chosen the Ji’nan wedding that can only be the case, God bless it unit.

2. should always check your Links, if there is a black chain site and accumulation site, let the love of spiders in Shanghai know, you will also be involved, so check the Ji’nan wedding company Links, delete the snapshot is not updated for a long time, found a website in a week ago was black. This may be a reason. Try to do Links and love Shanghai snapshot of the site. read more

Let the website become the website development accelerator


as a webmaster, will inevitably encounter the website, sometimes need to change domain name, sometimes need to change the template, sometimes need to change program in server and so on, but also a problem occurs, a website has been a big change, the search engine will be how to react to it if? The website of some of the problems of the comprehensive consideration, then Everything will be fine., if some details are not taken into account, light punishment, while the K station, believing that it is not every webmaster like to see, here, little love song for you talk about how to deal with the website. read more

Google’s new PR algorithm new interpretation of PR from 0 to 5 in just 8 months

Chinese is world famous, is the same as in Shanghai Longfeng area. At present, the PR value of the influence of the website may have been small, but still widely used as a user of one of the evaluation criteria of the quality of a website. How is that through hard work and efforts to improve their own website PR, if there are some good methods and shortcut? According to a new website operation as an example, the PR value from 0 to 5, in August, to see how it is done, can give is to promote PR, Shanghai Dragon Phoenix friends some inspiration. read more

Be vigilant! Love Shanghai to clean up the news source strength, to see what the website will be arr

During the

also suggested that the news source site, especially the real estate channel and health website, if the site index and the flow decreased resulting website weight decreased, webmaster can make a diagnosis to the investigation of Shanghai dragon website. Of course, also recommended by A5 webmaster network official Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis (贵族宝贝admin5.cn/ Shanghai dragon /zhenduan/? Hz) service to do a comprehensive and detailed diagnosis of Shanghai dragon website, to find and solve unsafe factors, help to create a (search engine and users love the site). Contact and consultation enterprises qq:800017899 read more

Site optimization need to pay attention to the mistakes

met many webmaster, when a chain inspection only on the site just took over, and then not check out. But often this process might have a dead link, the development result is either unaware.

many sites within the chain are random links, anchor text, there is a direct automatic generation in the chain, the purpose is very simple: to search engine guide. So why in the chain may exist? More before in the role of the chain is to make the search engine better grab site, enhance the anchor text ranking, and now in the role of individual chain that more should be to guide the user to the user’s effective recommendation. read more