Webmaster Welfare bypass love Shanghai Webmaster Platform permission to submit Sitemap

first introduced Webmaster Platform love Shanghai love Shanghai. Webmaster Platform is a service included in the "love Shanghai data submission platform. Through the effective data platform of the website will be easier, faster and more comprehensive love Shanghai "included.

after the necessary application, after examination, by the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform,:

4. can also view the data with statistics and other additional functions.

1. in bulk to love Shanghai push hope collected data; read more

Warning Shanghai knows improper use will be love love Shanghai uprooted

today I borrowed a friend’s "Shanghai dragon combat" see and also write above is in love in Shanghai know. But the book is published in 09 years. Now do not know love Shanghai encyclopedia does not normally let the tim. Who knows today to love Shanghai a search, I originally included more than 21 thousand pages of the station was K and a page, but as early as last night was more than 20 thousand, and there are a few hours before the new snapshot is included in the article. read more

Four skills webmaster can use the pseudo original

fourth, perfect the website internal links.

traffic outside from the title of the article or from the content of the article to. Modify title is pseudo original first step, is also a key step. The title should be selected directly related with the content of the website, you can modify the properties of a statement to modify title; two can modify the title with synonym substitution; three can be modified by changing the title of numerical method.

copyright statement: This article will be used by the original talent network (www.biyong贵族宝贝.cn), welcome to reprint. Reprint please sign copyright. read more

An old station on the line for more than 6 years of love for Shanghai is 1 weight why every day ther

not to discuss these, we first check the site related information with webmaster tools, the site launched in July 2011, the website PR3, love Shanghai weight 1, mobile weight 1, fell in love with the sea index weight: 779, is expected to come: 78 ~ 187IP, outbound links: 15 home chain: 5.

second, website optimization need to do Kung fu. The site in the second half of 2015 the flow was doubled, the relevant data show that 2015 has a favorable capital door car maintenance, at the same time, has appeared several similar sites, however, with the development of the industry to the bottleneck "is not imagined so beautiful!" read more

My three years of experience to the establishment of Shanghai Longfeng novices

May 2010, my site has been restored in Shanghai. But this time, I buy website space more and more unstable, problems often occur. After I bought another space, but still often appear problem. Site move, space is very unstable, a lot of my website, in the weight of Shanghai has been put up no love. The two space buy very cheap, only one hundred or two hundred yuan a year. So, friends, cheap goods is not good, when the station to make shots, choose a little space or is independent of the server, not tanxiaoshida. read more

Outstanding beauty Lele website forum website optimization

core keyword is: tile ten brand beauty Lele with "ten big brands and brand floor tile map such words as the title, but seemingly bland, which contains a number of optimization techniques. We know what keywords to optimize must take the core keywords in the title, needless to say, we often see this is the optimization of the basic common sense, in addition to this, it is best to do a long tail or supplement to the core keywords, to help optimize repeat keywords effect, for example, how much money a "double happiness cigarette double happiness cigarette price list box – Beauty Lele furniture network" "floor price list, the new floor brick pictures – Beauty Lele furniture decoration materials – […" are the core keywords of "double happiness cigarette price list" and "floor price list" supplement is very important so we do optimization when the title is written on the optimization results. read more

Actual combat thinking to middle level keyword ranking challenges


today has two things to feel very happy. The first thing is the experience of being a website drop right, included revision delete, site seconds, today finally exceeded 530 IP, the weight reached the webmaster tools 3; second is a webmaster friends sent a message, consult me is how to find the potential level of editorial staff, because I’m in the A5 Adsense yesterday the network published an article entitled "how to train a qualified editor of" Shanghai dragon industry? Article, let him be inspired, hoping to find a suitable and promising industry in Shanghai Longfeng site for his editing. read more

Amoy enterprise website development stalled comprehensive analysis

3, enterprise network department suck. This is the most common problems, including the problems from two aspects to look at. Configure the network staff first enterprise lack the basic configuration of at least 1 optimization procedures, director, art, network coding and promotion, but the enterprise – try holding the idea of not configured so many people lead to huge workload, everyone is working at full capacity but the limited energy optimization and promotion efforts do not in place. In charge of level second is the network department not lead the team limited site lead to slow progress, as the saying goes: tripping over a nest. read more

Feather Shanghai dragon and love trading is not the same as you want to do


cited content:

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fourth, executive force. The direction, do it well. Master Chinese gentleman pragmatic. I >

, Qian Zhongshu reminds me of the "siege"


one mind. Quick, like today, tomorrow will be able to money. 2 mouthful, seems to understand what, in fact, do not know what. Shanghai dragon is playing out, not only the interest of utilitarian heart; the basic road gets narrower.

third, thinking. Because each contact surfaces are not the same, relatively easy to cause the thought is not open, closed doors miserable things meet the eye everywhere. Originally this situation is normal, the solution is to communicate with others, more contact with the outside world, but the real conscious to do a few people in the efforts in this direction read more

[exclusive] analysis effect analysis for promotion of the show is low without reason

, a little show

(4), geographical restrictions: the wide region is one of the factors to promote the effect of delivery time, set the limit of regional businesses put in a lot, but it is also in accordance with the enterprise business and service products, can cover businesses around the advertising service range can be.

(3), time limit: time delivery is a big technology, many businesses do not know in the wrong time to burn, the account has no money flow time was stopped directly (individual), time is not in accordance with the working time for delivery, where the medical have done better for almost 3 monitor the delivery, or not bidding for some hosting small company staff here is almost disastrous, advertising has been put to work in the company consultants greatly wasted costs and good conversion, as there is no appropriate meeting in meeting the right one. As a result the ads did not achieve the desired results. read more