The site suddenly cannot access

can not be identified as a system and program failure. The system is loaded with openbsd. Now there is only one possibility, that is, there is a problem with the server hardware, and the possibility of hard disk problems relatively large. And room staff on duty for about second days, go to the computer room to look at the field, find out the specific reasons. Because the telecom IDC engine room is in Taizhou, Jiangyan, it’s still a long way from where I am.

            second days early in the morning to deal with this unexpected failure. To the computer room after the monitor to see. It was initially defined as a hard disk problem. The server’s hard disk is an enterprise level hard disk 160G for Western data. Two on the machine, the way to think of the original backup disk is used for temporary running, using mobile hard disk export site data. Remove the fault drive. Re install the system restore site data on the original backup disk. There should be no problem. Try connecting to the internet. Aha, it’s through. It’s really a hard disk problem. At this point, finally recovered after 22 hours of interruption of the hard drive. At the beginning of May the new server hard disk in less than a month’s case was a problem the next thing is to contact the server providers to replace the hard drive, although a year to repair but was delayed and the time of day. Suggested friends must talk carefully when assembled in the server. This is really a bitter lesson. A network can also continue to serve you. read more

Network Monalisa (website), should continue to love you

, it’s two o ‘clock now. Stay in front of the computer.. why? I don’t know.

always has some dreams… Hope to exist in the vast network of one’s own place…

this place is so beautiful… Friends come and talk often…

, or this should be called the legendary traffic IP,..

for this lovely dream… I’m a little confused…

I can’t see the way down my feet… So I’m starting to get scared. I can’t help asking..

what about my way, read more

WeChat operations the most dry WeChat public number to promote dry goods here


is now more and more about WeChat public number location, operation, but many people did not realize the rules of many large, generally not suitable for you in the operation of the public number, especially promotion.

since everyone is interested in the public numbers, since the articles are not dry enough, we can talk about doing nothing today……

one, promotion of public number operation

, after a wonderful "bullshit", tell you how to do the new media promotion – read more

Standing on God’s shoulders, thinking, creative, confident, can do it

my website has been more than two months, there is always hope a feeling of success, specifically why they said not too clear, although the subject of this article is "standing on the shoulders of God to" creative, but I do not have what good ideas, just want to have to think about before some of the problems of the grassroots webmaster station.

haven’t been taking care of my website for a few days, because I have entered a misunderstanding. I always want to build my station, but I still haven’t found a good way. These days, I have seen a lot of successful cases and video materials after 80 generations of network business. I want to share my feelings with everyone. read more

The future is a popular occupation called Amoy

contact guest is completely accidental, almost a month to come into contact with the Wangzhuan, began to study this, read a lot, like what register Wangzhuan ah, click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan ah ah, mail and so on, that these projects are not what you can do. But my good luck, I found a golden idea forum at the beginning of eight, saw a yellow teacher’s article, began to have direction, do Wangzhuan for newcomers to do GG advertising is a good choice, then is to apply for a blog every day, to apply for GG advertising after half a month, not approved it, and asked to know the GG advertising difficult now the application, no way seems to walk this road temporarily GG advertising does not work, only to find another way to reach the guest. read more

Tang Jun the nternet has become integrated with water, electricity, coal and gas

global economy winter background, IT industry can stand alone? How to save the winter in the case of global IT investment cuts, in December 7th, the computer world Internet annual meeting held in beijing. Sohu IT as 2008IT designated cooperation partner of the two sessions, the event was a live graphic broadcast. Following is the president of Xinhua Group and Mr. Tang Jun, CEO keynote speech.

grew up with a habit of writing letters to others because writing letters was more environmentally friendly. I still remember the first letter that I wrote, when I was in grade three in primary school, the receiver was the girl of my deskmate. The letter was written in a note that I had secretly delivered to her pencil case while she was away. The content of the letter is too childish and too private to be announced. As a result, the female student handed my letter to the head teacher. The head teacher called my father to the school. Tell my father how precocious your family is, Tang Jun. Grade three will think so many things. read more

Ask the station where is the way out

website, when the webmaster also has a year, and my mood should be as many new webmaster, not met and search engine sweet period, just to catch up with the strike hard period. As everyone knows, regardless of whether the web site is to Taobao customers to promote profit, or rely on advertising or do their own product profitability, need the support of the search engine, the dominance of Baidu in China, basically is to rely on Baidu ranking bring flow.

, but in the second half of 2012, Baidu began a long-term crackdown management, one after another web site down, the webmaster can be described as miserable. Is there a month to recover the hacked websites, some three or four months or half a year to put out, put out the site keywords ranking basically to oblivion, not a trace. There is a time I want to give up the chicken ribs stationmaster, but with several site of experience, suddenly found to do a website or to follow the law, the webmaster does not regard the jobs lost. Here, simply share with you I do some of the site summary of experience. read more

Micro shop what are the key and skills in determining target consumer groups

open business, the ultimate goal is to sell products and services to customers, entity store so, micro shop is no exception. Products are used to meet customer needs, no demand for people will not buy. If the store does not know their product is suitable for the types of consumer groups blindly marketing for all people, will inevitably lead to effective marketing work.

so, before the formal operation in the micro shop, especially before the micro shop product marketing to sell products or sold to consumers who which has become a must take seriously, this is the localization of the target consumer groups problem. read more

How to be an attitude from the media

operation WeChat public number one year fast, from zero fans to 100 thousand real users, are walking down step by step. Specially wrote this article to share my operation mentality and the feeling, hoped that has the slight help to everybody. No matter how hard it is to be a self media in that field, we should first of all make sure that our attitude is positive, our attitude is low, and our modality is stable. Do not impatient early, I would like to operate a month to do one hundred thousand users, you are not a star, not a celebrity, there is no need to imagine such shortcuts. Next, I analyze my operation ideas and feelings: read more

A college entrance exam will soon be a bit of experience

contact A5 is like 07 years, also in two years time, sometimes up to look at each will have a harvest, recently due to health reasons, so rest at home for a month, this month just in time for his original ideas, good long time ago to do a college entrance examination class website after all, this should also be done to bring their own drink money, lazy himself dragged on for two years without action, if two years ago began to do, of course now monthly pocket money can still go to, no, if this is the world. Therefore, if you do stand, have ideas and plan well, you should put it into action immediately. Stick to it. Any website will have a future. Of course, life can be solved when the premise, do not advocate to give up everything, and put all hopes on the site, so there will be too much pressure, no man is perfect, under the weight of the mentality will be affected, so the ideal is to establish in reality. read more