How to choose the company name and trademark application

after the start of business, we must have their own business name and product trademarks, but how to choose these, let us take a look at it! "Entrepreneurs should be how to avoid the risk of intellectual property law" is the first in a series of articles written by this write patent, trademark, there are three problems: entrepreneurs should be how to choose enterprise brand and product brand as a trademark, how to apply for trademark, trademark infringement should be how to avoid legal risks. read more

The old stone has rich wind.

children growing up in rural areas, many people probably remember the stone of this kind of thing, with the development of the times, many people put this stuff hit hit, throw throw, everyone will think this kind of thing can become rich, and here is a person to depend on it, realize the goal of getting rich!

2OO4 in November, fan Sen from friends entrusted to the village to a Shandong to Taiwan villagers bought a stone, the Taiwanese are very nostalgic, because Taiwan has never seen a stone, we want to have it shipped to Taiwan to let the outside people touch a rural life is how old, how rice how to cook. read more

Fujian to take the system + technology means the power to run online public

Since the founding of the people’s Republic of China,

has made a great contribution to the development of our country! But some criminals sneaked into our party, cheating, take people’s money to live a dissolute life, let people hate people! Fujian Province, in order to further improve the clean and honest style, launched a series of measures.

science and Technology Department of Fujian province is one of the province’s public power running online the first batch of pilot units in recent years, the Fujian provincial government to seriously implement the work plan, through the "system + technology" means, precise grasp of power operation "method", and vigorously promote the project of Science and technology award evaluation and technology project management two power to run the online public pilot the work, run the program, open and power flow control of risk, trace data, real-time monitoring. read more

Yiwu integration of 2 billion 500 million funds to support entrepreneurial talent

now society is in an era of entrepreneurship and the country are actively attract people’s entrepreneurial vision in Zhejiang, Yiwu, on the integration of 2 billion 500 million yuan of funds to help some entrepreneurial talent entrepreneurial activity, welcome.

5 million venture fund guide, 2 billion social venture capital, 5 years 50 million Talent Award in Beijing on Friday, Zhongguancun street, angel sinks hit off my most "to start the ceremony, vice mayor of Yiwu He Shaojun has thrown to venture to Yiwu," "bait", the public in Zhongguancun for entrepreneurial talent, let Yiwu "public entrepreneurship, innovation" into a new height. read more

What are the off-season cigarette sales coup

despite the huge number of smokers in China, however, cigarette sales will still have a weak season. The summer is generally low for the sale of cigarettes, how to make the off-season is not light, do a better job of scientific operation of cigarettes, to ensure that the cigarette business households to achieve good operating results. Two retail customers to sell their cigarette tips to share with you.

owner: Su Fangyu

shop address: Liang Liang,

street, Liang Liang, Suining County, Jiangsu

operating time: 7 years read more

The same as the returnee king Zhang Tao described as Shututonggui xing

only after the exercise, in order to see the dawn of success in order to have wealth in the future. You know, everyone’s entrepreneurial path is not easy. This year is the tenth year of the public comment CEO Zhang Tao and the United States Mission CEO Wang xing. They returned to Shanghai and Beijing from the United States in the early 2003 and the end of the year.

The same as the
read more

Huian held the first phase of youth entrepreneurship salon activities

youth is a rising sun, with infinite vitality and bright future. For innovation and entrepreneurship, youth is also an inexhaustible source of power to promote its development. Encourage youth entrepreneurship, to pave the way for young entrepreneurs, has important significance for Chinese management activities.

in response to the "public entrepreneurship, innovation" appeal, encourage and support youth innovation and entrepreneurship, recently, Quanzhou Huian county held the theme of "youth entrepreneurship in Huian ·" the first youth entrepreneurship salon. Activities invite young entrepreneurs in the county as a business mentor, with more than 40 young entrepreneurs face to face communication, for them to answer questions. read more

Wuhan is really Sakura snow changeable weather had become a rare beauty

each year Wuda cherry blossom season, will attract tens of thousands of visitors to watch, this year’s cherry blossom season, Wuhan began to snow, cold weather makes people see the rare beauty — the true Wuda Sakura snow!

[look! Sakura cried Wuda beauty! And with more snow OH] during the day, from the air, such as a piece of pink clouds. Last night in Wuhan a little snow, cherry snow, it is a different style, if you can not visit the map to see cherry blossoms, stamp ~!

"is not the same every day" as the slogan of the Wuhan March 9, 2016 under the snow, just the cherry blossoms slightly worried buddies go out, they found a different picture of snow sakura. read more

How to train the beauty salon

as people attach importance to the beauty, and now more and more women began to pay attention to their appearance, so now the beauty salon has become a lot of people to join the good direction of investment. But in an increasingly competitive market environment, the beauty salon survival increasingly difficult, every year there are a large number of new beauty salons, and a large number of beauty salons will fail. Beauty salon franchisee began to realize the continuous learning, to enhance the strategic significance of the development of beauty salons. read more