Royalstar air is good for energy saving and environmental protection a good choice

in our life, always inseparable from the demand for energy saving and environmental protection. Want the real energy saving and environmental protection, to choose Royalstar air? Of course, the choice of business to join Royalstar air project, is also very has the advantage of choice!


air heating cold water at high temperature and high pressure refrigerant gas heating water tank through the compressor discharge in the electricity is mainly used for driving the compressor, the heat exchange gas after heating by high efficient heat exchange coil and water in the water storage tank, water and electricity is completely separated, fundamentally eliminate the electric water heater leakage, and dry burning gas water heater work produce harmful gases and other security risks, overcome the solar water heater in rainy weather can not work and other shortcomings, truly safe. read more

Chengdu Metro a innovation theme train No. 26 officially run

wants to encourage people to participate in entrepreneurship, creating an environment conducive to innovation is very important. To stimulate the enthusiasm of youth entrepreneurship, to create "a" Chengdu League innovation theme train, entrepreneurship promotion by public transport.

thoroughly implement the "entrepreneurial Tianfu" action plan, mobilize the majority of the city’s leading young people to actively participate the public venture, the highly innovative upsurge, the Communist Youth League of Chengdu Metro Line 4 to run as an opportunity, combined with Chengdu subway limited liability company together to create "a number" Chengdu subway train theme innovation, vigorously promote the innovation of entrepreneurial culture actively create a good atmosphere, everyone involved in the business, everyone support innovation. read more

Entrepreneurs how to choose the project

health industry is highly developed in today’s era, is also a very popular industry, it is the majority of entrepreneurs choose the industry, now, more and more people pay attention to health, the market demand huge demand for the breeding of the new rich investment opportunities, the health industry is good choice to make money. But in order to successfully run a health museum, first of all to choose a good project to join, so you can easily operate, easy to get rich. So, how to choose to join the project? Need to start from two aspects. read more

14 Shaanxi students enrolled in the National College Students Employment

to the end of the year, all fields are beginning to summarize the annual summary. In 2015, China’s college students have made good progress in entrepreneurship. A large number of advanced business model emerged, for the future to attract more college students to invest in innovation and entrepreneurship has an important incentive.

2015, the national higher education student information and Career Guidance Center (hereinafter referred to as the national employment guidance center) organized the "· youth struggle;" College Students’ employment figures deeds collection activities, Shaanxi Province, 14 students selected for the national college students employment figures publicity list. read more

Anhui 90 college students venture to get one million angel investment

current social concern for college students continued to improve, from the capital, platforms, channels and other aspects of entrepreneurship for college students to open up a green channel. Recently, a senior student in Anhui, a venture to get millions of angel investment, to encourage the confidence of college students entrepreneurship.

today, Anhui Lianhua industrial group in the meeting hall, by creating cloud Valley and Anhui cattle Investment Limited company of science and technology sponsored by the "love chuangbang product promotion cum million angel investment signing ceremony was held. After a 90 agricultural university students led by the entrepreneurial team, won the Xia Zhenhua, vice president of HKUST entrepreneurs Federation of angel investment. read more

Beijing launched a number of initiatives to improve global innovation within 5 years

today is an era of innovation and competition, innovation in addition to their own efforts, but also inseparable from the government’s powerful help. Beijing launched a number of entrepreneurial assistance policy, determined to achieve a breakthrough in 5 years, has become an important innovation in the world has an important position in innovation and entrepreneurship.

10 19, "on the implementation of the views of public entrepreneurship peoples innovation vigorously" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") on behalf of the municipal government issued clear Beijing support "hit rhythm and specific measures. Next, will be in personnel, finance, market environment, intellectual property rights, international cooperation and other key areas and key links to policy breakthroughs. read more

Beauty salon business tips

beauty salon is now very common in life, and at the same time, almost everyone in the regular need for beauty and hairdressing services, but now the social life in almost every place is the creation of a number of beauty salons, want to successfully operate what skills.

1. to develop the basic revenue and expenditure program

read more