Second winter snowfall in Xining and the surrounding road collision rub accident

The early morning of December 12th, Xining and the surrounding area filled with snow on the ground, soon a silvery white, the traffic police department launched the emergency plan, full employment to maintain traffic order. As of 12, when 15, Xining urban traffic accidents did not happen, good traffic order.

12, 10 pm, the reporter visited to see in the provincial capital, slippery road, the main road without icing, slow vehicles, good traffic order. 10:35 Xu, a car traveling to the vicinity of the Kunlun bridge, with the front car rear end.

the provincial capital surrounding high-speed rub multi road collision

– Xi Huang highway

12, 9:30, a silver car and a heavy trailer leaving Toba toll station, car due to excessive speed skidding, hit the front right semi trailer.

– Sita highway

– the Beijing Tibet Expressway

– West Highway Cross


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Qinghai province to speed up the implementation of the reform of medical insurance payment scheme in

Reporters from the Ministry of human resources and social security department was informed that our province issued "to accelerate the reform of the medical insurance payment plan" of Qinghai Province, decided to implement the reform of regional coverage within the designated medical institutions and medical payment in the province, to strengthen the health insurance fund income and expenditure budget control, establish the DRGs, according to according to the poll, bed days, according to the service unit and composite payment paid by the project, gradually reduce.

according to "speed up the requirement to promote the reform of the medical insurance payment plan" of Qinghai Province, by the end of 2015, the total control of compound on the basis of the payment reform covering all designated medical institutions. In 2016, the number of disease entities in the various regions of the disease payment by not less than 30. At the provincial level, Xining City, East Sea city to implement composite Medicare payment fund expenditures accounted for 50%, Hainan, Haibei, Haixi, Huangnan, Golog, Yushu reached 30%, up to 20%. In 2017, the full implementation of the total control of the total, according to DRGs, capitation, according to the quota and other complex payment methods, carry out the DRGs disease number is not less than 50; the province level, Xining City, East Sea city to implement composite Medicare payment fund expenditures accounted for 80%, the state of Hainan, Haibei Prefecture, Huangnan Prefecture Haixi, Golog reached 60%, and Yushu reached 50%. After the gradual increase in the number of diseases by DRGs, to achieve full coverage of disease, to further improve the proportion of the proportion of the proportion of paid expenses, the amount paid by the project.It is reported that read more

Starting next month, four types of drivers need to receive education

In order to further improve the occupation skills of road transport drivers and occupation morals level, the update of the various forms of education and their knowledge and skills, strengthen and promote road transport pilot city continuing education, and constantly improve the level of scientific development of road transportation industry in our city, reduce the "killer road", according to the State Department of transportation issued "road transport pilot continuing education measures" provisions, since July 1st, the city engaged in road passenger and freight transport, transport of dangerous chemicals, four guards of road transport drivers need to specify the driving school to accept continuing education training, training of qualified posts can be. In addition, I use road transport qualification certificate for six years will soon expire, this kind of road transport drivers must also participate in continuing education before they can apply for a new card. read more

Xining Second People’s Hospital in the province’s first mobile ward mode

days ago, Second People’s Hospital of Xining City, the successful implementation of the "mobile rounds" which is a new way in all wards in the hospital ward.

The implementation of

mobile rounds, the doctor can directly through the IPDA system handheld computer check body temperature, urine volume and the inspection report, and according to the conditions of patients, direct input orders, don’t finish all patients after reunification out of a doctor. "Mobile ward round" not only reduces the burden of work, but also improves the efficiency of ward round. At the same time, the patient can see his test results and the implementation of treatment measures in the hospital bed, but also narrow the distance with the doctor, and enhance the efficiency of communication between medical staff and patients. Allow the patient to better understand his own treatment and the next treatment plan, understand the treatment and progress of their disease, deepen their understanding of the disease. read more

Sonoyama hand fire building harmonious primary school

In order to do a good job of safety fire control, to create a safe campus, improve the ability of students to deal with security incidents. In October 31st, 11· 9 of the national fire safety publicity day "is approaching, Xining City, Xining City Garden Hui primary school invited the fire brigade officers and soldiers to carry out a" hands on fire, the fire safety activities to build harmony "as the theme.

day 14:30, activities kicked off in a fire drill in open up a fresh outlook. Fire officers and soldiers to the East sonoyama Hui Primary School Teachers and students show daily during the rescue special skills and equipment. Li Mingmei said: "the sixth grade students through this activity, we not only to understand the relevant knowledge of fire, but also to watch the fire drill process, meet a lot of fire fighting equipment, also learned how to use the fire extinguisher, harvest a lot." read more

Xining urban test results in 2013 announced the Education Department announced three new measures to

highly concerned about the 2013 Xining test results released in July 5th, the reporter learned yesterday from the Xining Municipal Bureau of education, this year, Xining urban candidates through three ways to query their own results and rankings.

Xining Municipal Education Bureau education a person in charge, this year Xining City senior high school entrance examination candidates will be from July 6th to July 9th of completing high school volunteer. In order to give students and parents more reference, Xining City senior high school entrance examination admissions office announced three measures: one is the senior high school entrance examination scores query 168 query results by telecom voice taiwan. On July 5th at 10:30 in the morning will be opened on time, candidates can use the telecommunication number dialed 16880035, enter the ticket number query the individual scores, the total score of senior high school entrance examination enrollment (including care points), and studies the total score ranking scores a segment; two is July 5th day candidates to the original junior high school graduation school for senior high school entrance examination score report; three candidates the query results and a segment in the Xining metropolitan area network "Xining education examination and enrollment column". read more

Xining West District Tiger Taiwan Street Party Working Committee awarded the national chuangxianzhen

in June 28th this year, held in Beijing Great Hall of the national chuangxianzhengyou in recognition of the general assembly, Xining City West District Hu Tai Street Party committee was awarded the "2010-2012 national chuangxianzhengyou advanced grass-roots party organizations," the honorary title, becoming the three county four district of Xining City, only the privilege of grass-roots Party organizations, party the 91 anniversary of the convening of the eighteen large and presented a gift. read more

Science Day intelligent robot cube

September 20th, the city in 2014 the national popular science theme series activities in the central square kicked off, the day of the event is divided into 5 sections, Rubik’s cube in the performance of the plate in an intelligent robot to perform extraordinary magic cube. It is understood that in 2014 the national science popularization day theme of innovation and development, national action, closely around the innovation lead the future, innovation and change life, innovation in my side, innovative round my dream concept launched. The activities of the day is divided into 5 sections, not only the traditional display of publicity, as well as a series of health consultation and medical experts on clinic activities, science knowledge quiz contest also attracted many people to participate in activities. In the event, but also on display more than 20 pieces of popular science caravan exhibits, people can learn the scientific knowledge while operating the device side. In addition, it is worth mentioning that in Rubik’s cube, magic and other performances in the program, the performance of the cube by the intelligent robot show suddenly attracted many people stop to watch. Various forms of activities, the public not only saw the wonderful performances, but also learned a lot of scientific knowledge. According to the City Association staff, the series of activities, in September 20th as the focus of Publicity Day, science caravan, science volunteers into rural activities and the county science activities are also being carried out.   read more

Xining real estate investment steady growth in sales fell

Xining real estate investment steady growth, sales area fell.

from January to July this year, Xining real estate investment showed steady growth, a total investment of about twenty-six trillion and seventy-seven million yuan to complete the development, an increase of 24.21%. Among them, the residential investment is still the leading real estate development investment, the first seven months of Xining residential development completed a total investment of more than 2 billion 100 million yuan, an increase of 28.03%, while investment in the development of office building is the overall downward trend, fell by 40.94% compared with the same period last year. From the construction area, to July, Xining commercial housing construction area of about four million and nine hundred thousand square meters, an increase of 4.05%, of which, this year, new commercial housing construction area of about one million and five hundred thousand square meters, compared with the same period last year also declined. read more

Xining vegetable basket network

For the busy urban life rhythm, October 15th, "Xining basket net", this is the first network of our city shopping platform, through the network of people can stay at home can get their dishes, not only saves a lot of time in shopping, but also eliminates the dish Zecai link. It is understood that the "Xining basket net" on the Qinghai Xinghai Road farmers market, convenient service to customers "one-stop" purchase, purchase, distribution, take all in one service mode, adhere to the routine checks for each batch of agricultural products, will add a heavy metal, pesticide residue and other harmful agricultural products shut out, let the safest and most fresh product distribution to each customer, and from planting, breeding, processing, transportation and storage of modern production to the final shelves, each link are carefully processed, ensure food fresh and authentic. At the same time, opened the official website mall, mobile APP platform and WeChat platform, so that people more convenient to buy their own dishes.   read more