Consumers Association announced in 2014 complaints online shopping complaints 50 pieces a day

2014 national association organization to receive complaints analysis report released yesterday, 2014, consumer complaints 619415, economic losses to consumers 9.2 million yuan. In the service complaints, remote shopping, mobile phone service, maintenance and repair services, Internet access services, hairdressing services and other areas in the first several complaints, including complaints of online shopping last year reached nearly twenty thousand, the average daily fifty.

online shopping complaints nearly twenty thousand pieces a year read more

The United States, Dangdang warning, Amazon settled Tmall flagship store opened really good

Amazom official flagship store should be imported directly into the commodity business, shop recruit slogan is: international boutique, global direct mining. But as a direct competitor of the electronic business platform, Amazom official flagship store settled attracted a lot of controversy.

yesterday (March 5th) more than 9 in the evening, @ see a micro-blog electricity supplier industry issued, very short words: Amazon settled Tmall! With a surprised look behind micro-blog, with Amazon Tmall official flagship store hand Amoy page screenshot, screen display is currently in trial operation stage. read more

Network marketing should not let go of the 3 positions

depth website ranks, has more than two years, until is rubbish station identity during continuous learning at the network, the marketing expert method and idea, benefit a lot, consider how to carry out all day a real network business — after all, each of which is engaged in the network industry webmaster ultimate goal.

although I haven’t really started their own business, but I currently do have accumulated is preparing for my next step to start their own business, after all, to the gradual accumulation of qualitative change, there must be the amount of. As I present my company, I am responsible for the project – the Yellow River cultural gifts, in order to operate the company’s network of this part, I first really took a tremendous effort, even the garbage station skills are used, but later experiencing, I finally came to understand that the nature of the business the network is not the same. After several months of exploration, I found that the three modules have a great impact on your sales: read more

Tencent electricity supplier response and Jingdong integration over 80% employees to complete the co

[Abstract] this change is whether employees signed a legal entity which, salaries will not reduce the future.

Tencent technology news (Le Tian) March 31st news, announced a strategic stake in Jingdong after half a month, Tencent’s electricity supplier business has officially begun to integrate with Jingdong. Today is the day most of the electricity supplier Tencent and fast and easy employees signed with Jingdong. With the spread of the outside world "refused" or "strike" on the contrary, there are more than 80% employees successfully completed the signing. read more

Liu Qiangdong B2C site this year by 10 thousand three years after reshuffle

Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong

Beijing newspaper news (correspondent Zhou Xu) last year, the domestic mall like Taobao B2C (business to customer) a total of more than 9 thousand and 400 sites, and in the Jingdong electronic mall known as the "price butcher" (hereinafter referred to as the "Jingdong") CEO Liu Qiangdong, this was not what.

Liu Qiangdong in Beijing recently accepted an exclusive interview with this reporter is expected this year, China will add 1 10000 electronic commerce company, for a period of time "All flowers bloom together." situation, but will bloom Xie, three years later, the B2C tournament will start. So how to deal with Jingdong, Liu Qiangdong said that this year once again refused to profit, vowed to fight cheap war. read more

Play a leadership role in the development of maternal electricity supplier babe network G20 pilot ma


G20 summit just past, the "construction of innovation, vitality, linkage and tolerance in the world economy" as the theme of the world summit, the Hangzhou to the world’s media center, it is the birthplace of seclusion, also Chinese Internet economy innovation center. During the summit, when focusing on Hangzhou, including CCTV, CNN, Forbes, media not only will China as the economic transformation of the epitome of Alibaba, named for the first time on behalf of the new mobile business platform for science and technology innovation in Hangzhou babe network. This is a clear innovation growth path, is an important achievement of the G20, while in the non-standard products counter attack, new electricity supplier platform "big baby" babe network target market, is one of the representatives of the Internet community innovation. read more

Wish introduced a new lending policy to sell home designated logistics delivery


] February 10th news billion state power network, billion state power network was informed that before the introduction of the new cross-border electronic business platform Wish WishPost lending policy, for all Wish orders sent to the specified destination for fast prime.

according to the introduction of Wish, the current policy of the country has the following two logistics channels:

1.WishPost- in the post mail packet (Shanghai warehouse, Shenzhen warehouse, Guangzhou warehouse, Beijing warehouse), mainly in the target country: the United States, Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway; read more

Teng million such nouveau riche why marriage blessings are not always

(source: Xiao Qiaolai the


see the chart above, pro, you can’t help to boast talented artist! This is the three British war Ma rhythm


well, this is just announced on Friday, "the three nouveau riche" (Penguin, Wanda, Baidu) set up a joint venture company, to force 020, it is said that the new company with an investment of 5 billion yuan, a total investment of 5 years to 20 billion yuan, and Wanda holding 70% stake Baidu, penguin, each holding 15% stake.

is an interesting phenomenon, leaked the news of the marriage from the nouveau riche in the arena, filled with all kinds of God comments: "we predict that Wanda electricity supplier who released the most afraid of? Me, who is not afraid, do not go to Wanda electricity supplier. We keep the formation." read more

Before the price increase price ladder SF express is not to follow the trend of other

February 1st, if you want to use SF EXPRESS to distant provinces send parcels, may be a little more money, because the company began to implement the new express price, although to different parts of the standard express freight was up and down, but the overall increase in about 2%.

"the price adjustment, the main reason is not in response to rising costs, but the introduction of more sophisticated price management system," a SF EXPRESS told the "First Financial Daily" reporter pointed out, "such as the standard before only 13 SF express price two yuan and 22 yuan, now the price ladder will be more abundant." read more and a pinch each other means to deceive consumers


] June 6th news billion state power network, according to billion state power network to understand, yesterday, and micro-blog in the Amoy network each other publicly accused to deceive consumers, the price war has become a public relations war and propaganda.

    yesterday, published by micro-blog questioned a scouring network parity information, questioned the Amoy network technology and the mentality of the problem, and accused Ali should not only do athletes and referees. Appeal to consumers to experience the big price changes. Accused of scouring the network, did not monitor its special limit buying activities and second single half price and other activities. read more