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SF sea Amoy do hands ready first reached the milk industry preferred

[Reuters] news billion state power in November 12th, shortly before the exposure of the SF imported electricity supplier platform "Alexander" is not on the line, but the preferred SF launched the first "international sea Amoy platform optimization". Billion state power network that SF preferred in "double 11" day of on-line food sea shopping platform "preferred international" (www.sfbest.hk), to milk as the main products of the sea Amoy officially joined the battlefield.

SF preferred to billion state power network, "preferably international" registered in Hongkong, and the SF preferred Master (www.sfbest.com) operate independently, but the location is consistent, focusing on the field of food, to high-quality, differentiated, high added value for the selection criteria. Eleven pairs of the first batch of on-line products for Italy and Holland milk powder, health products, leisure food is also planning.


preferred international sea purchase platform

billion state power network login "preferred international" after the discovery, there are few website goods, only 12 milk brands including Nutrilon, NUTRICIA, Kraal aptamil Aptamil and Mellin.

according to the SF preferred, preferred international is used directly from foreign brands or agents at the procurement of goods, and then through the personal mail way to the consumer model.

in the logistics and distribution, the preferred international is still responsible for SF EXPRESS, usually takes 7-12 days. The distribution is divided into two types: one is composed of a large number of overseas transportation to domestic bonded warehouse, from the bonded area to consumers; the other is the first goods transport to SF preferred warehouses in Hongkong, Hongkong by the SF staff responsible for customs clearance of cross-border direct mail to consumers.

the future, preferably international will use cross-border logistics advantages of SF, will also consider the platform will be open to more overseas enterprises and businesses, but this "open invitation" instead of "registration system", is also in the business qualification and quality audit before and after settled, need to use SF EXPRESS for cross-border transport, customs clearance and domestic distribution.

preferred SF President Cui Xiaoqi expected, the annual compound growth rate of sea food purchase market will be more than 100%.

According to

billion state power network to understand, the beginning of this year, SF has done a lot of layout on the sea Amoy area, in addition to being exposed will soon be on the line of imported electricity supplier platform "Alexander", as early as April this year launched a personal sea Amoy consumer products transport sea purchase Feng Yun (Sfbuy), and in August this year launched a overseas direct purchase, purchasing businesses global Shun logistics products.


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