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Alibaba to join the international anti fake alliance, many brands threatened to withdraw

Tencent Francisco May 12th, The Associated Press today reported that Alibaba last month joined the international anti fake alliance "(hereinafter referred to as" IACC ") before the event continues to ferment. IACC board of directors received an anonymous e-mail on Wednesday, asking IACC to cancel the membership of Alibaba, otherwise there will be a large number of IACC members to withdraw from the union.

this anonymous email lists a series of concerns about the Alibaba to the international anti fake alliance, including Alibaba’s membership, and vice president of Alibaba, the world intellectual property law enforcement officer Matthew · Bashir (Matthew Bassiur) · and IACC President Bacchesi Luo (Robert Barchiesi) bits; the relationship between.

said: if you continue to allow Alibaba to become a IACC member, then most IACC members will exit IACC." This email is not signed, but the IACC is very familiar with the internal work.

IACC board of directors, said: "the current assessment of the mail. At the same time, we also use the event as an opportunity to assess all our policies and procedures to ensure that the highest standards are met. We also need to match the scale and scope of the enterprise IACC today."

IACC is one of the world’s largest anti fake alliances, with about 250 members. Last month, Alibaba joined the IACC. The company said at the time, this highlights the determination of fake Alibaba.

but it has been some brand manufacturers opposed, they are skeptical of the Alibaba on the basis of fake determination. Subsequently, the U.S. fashion brand Mike · Kors (Michael Korsy) and luxury brand Gucci (Gucci America) announced its withdrawal from the IACC.

Mike · Kors in IACC said in a letter, in many brand manufacturers consider through litigation forced Alibaba to increase anti-counterfeiting efforts are accepted as a member of our will "cover the most dangerous and destructive opponent".

Mike · general counsel Kors Lee · Siborne (Lee Sporn) said: "the consistent strategy of Alibaba is saying: support the crackdown, but the actual operation is not."

and this anonymous letter on Wednesday said that if Alibaba does not exit IACC, there will be more existing members to withdraw from IACC. Former IACC director Deborah · (Deborah Greaves); he said: "this email out of many people’s minds."

Bacchesi, President of

IACC, said last month that the 21 member board agreed to accept the Alibaba as a member. This will allow members to be more direct


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