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Digital music radio exploration enterprises leveraging competitive differentiation

digital music platform to test the water reality radio network products has become a trend, compared with the watercress FM such professional Internet radio stations like these products can rely on money and opportunities to win advantage copyright parent platform, compared with the traditional radio, and because they are more self selection by the more popular and easy to use. On the one hand, the digital music platform can attract new customers on the one hand, and on the other hand, it can reserve more content for the parent platform.

radio products help music platform breakout

now has become one of the most popular Internet music, according to the China Internet Information Center data, as of the end of 2012, China 564 million Internet users, 430 million of Internet users use online music, use rate of up to 77.3%. The popularity of smart phones to allow users to access at any time and place, sharing good music. 2012 China’s mobile phone users 420 million, of which the use of online music products was 50.9%. Big market also means more enterprises and more intense competition. As of the end of 2012, China’s online music business has reached 575, an increase of 27.2%, the overall market size reached $4 billion 540 million. Although a large number, but a number of digital music platform because of homogenization of content and services has been criticized by users.

in the direction of looking for differentiated services, several digital music platform invariably turned to music radio products. Last year, cool dog music launched the first "Star Radio" and "DJ" two Biao Bang Music Radio products. When it comes to why the introduction of these two products, cool dog music market director Zhang Weiqing said, with the growing domestic digital music market, the white hot competition era of music content products has come. In the face of various media content of increasing homogenization, only take different routes to blaze a trail in the content of war. Through these years of exploration, we see the self-made program is to take a different route, strengthen the brand personality wise move". The "DJ" is the issue of landing list soared to hundreds of radio stations nationwide.

last year also coincidentally, meters music and music appreciation website – neighbor’s ears to carry out in-depth cooperation launched radio music products, by providing meters music copyright, the neighbor’s ears will anchor the theme of interpretation, featured 10 articles weekly radio production collection update in meters music. The pointer back this year, determined to build the largest professional DJ music platform NetEase (60.59, -0.34, -0.56%) cloud music low-key on-line, the platform at the beginning of the line had to be, Lin, Wang Dong, Tian Long and many other domestic big DJ company, NetEase cloud music center deputy editor Deng Linhai told the Beijing daily the reporter, "the NetEase cloud music is tantamount to the excellent traditional radio program transplanted to their own platform, and traditional radio listeners can only passively receive, through online radio, listeners have more autonomy".

relies on massive copyright to win market opportunities


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