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nternet 2016 from the flow to the king to contribute to productivity

in the face of "gods abdication" and "Silver Age", and "investors from China premium" to "China discount", you must completely abandon the flow past the thinking and pie mode, turn through structured thinking to rethink and define themselves, will be the Internet model upgrade to productivity contribution mode

as soon as possible


editor’s note: This article from the WeChat public number value line (ID:jia-zhi-xian), author Yin Sheng

suddenly came to the count once a year and the prospect of the season, as in previous years, Yin Sheng will be a comprehensive change in the Internet industry in the past year and my research, I propose to the Internet especially China Internet industry and value judgments about the trend of major changes. In last year’s inventory of article 2015: "Internet Era" and the silver gods abdication, Yin Sheng 2015 defined as the silver age of the beginning years of Internet:

silver age, may be experienced in 2015 after the abdication of the gods, China the Internet for a long period of time to reality. Those first fully established on the Internet the dividend close to exhausted, as BAT is experiencing in the search, the three traditional electricity providers and social fields, and new opportunities exist mainly in Internet penetration in all walks of life, which means you must be the same as those already existing industry producers expand productivity competition, it will become no longer sexy, squeeze the bubble throughout.

in the past 2016, in the "Internet Chinese gods abdication and silver age" track huoxianhuoshen:

experienced a "2015: millet and millet anti the battle of the year" millet, face in 2016 was "millet era and the new era", I do not know can not come to the situation; seize the global PC industry restructuring opportunities had a good day for several years Lenovo, still in the era of the mobile Internet entrance facing the loss of "Lenovo" ("how did we lose Lenovo"); the most China Internet giant Baidu gene technology, since 2016 in the traditional search business model suffered no small challenge; A shares the concept of Internet music as super game player will be challenged and despite the success of previous crisis dissolve in the palm, but new problems encountered in recent months seem no longer as easy to resolve;

in the most popular areas, burned hundreds of billions of dollars Internet plus, after the local life service, popular in more segments, such as Internet banking, internet medical, Internet travel, there are signs of stage – stranded Uber integration, the national team has China capital endorsement money drops at the way in sight, but didn’t want to be in Beijing Shanghai city network about the new car into the ice age, although there are ants gold clothing, financial Jingdong that backed by the Internet giant star, but can not cover the whole encounter Internet financial credit crisis and the policy supervision of a double blow;

even if it’s temporary


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