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Reporters in-depth investigation U88, 3158 and other chain scam

              presumably recently we have seen the TV ads on the screen: Wang Gang tell you that u88 franchise website how good advertising, to join the project introduces the envious person: a few million to open a small shop, the annual income of millions can. And Zhang Tielin as the "Qianlong" told "and", "to get rich quick, log 3158 investment network can be successful, when the boss."

world really have such a good pie? When the franchise website advertising done like a raging fire when the reporter found a different voice on the Internet: the franchise website on many projects are liars project, put money as a boondoggle. Reporter conducted an in-depth interview. From the website of two items at random, there are different degrees of fraud, or product quality cannot be guaranteed, or simply contract fraud. And like this propaganda exaggerated, suspected of fraud to join the project in these franchise sites abound.

with the in-depth investigation, the reporter even found some franchise website "two cheat", not only to publish ads on the site without audit, even made false advertising messages to attract those chain enterprises.

slowly opened the "shady", people who are eager to find good opportunities for ordinary people to sweat.

reporter survey

is currently the most well-known chain of websites than u88.cn, Wang Gang’s endorsement of millions, CCTV, the major TV rolling broadcast ads, but also let a lot of people have great confidence in it. Thus, the reporter’s first stop on the selected it. In the u88 browsing a reporter found that many projects look very good, such as "animal blood into gold", "start empty-handed, earn 1 million years", "hundred years old, one day earn twenty thousand slogan really exciting. However, the fruit can be as beautiful as it looks? The newspaper reporter readily selected a so-called "month package of 200 cars, 10 thousand income" called "SOD recovery project car nanny" project and another as "animal blood into gold", Bingfenlianglu, launched an investigation.

"victim talk"

car cooling agent: when the explosion lost money

launched on the u88 car nanny project company called Shanghai Internet Space Technology Co., ltd.. Reporters on the first search on the Google of the company, but found that there are a lot of users complained about its other project – "cold summer car cooling agent".

originally thought this project is very good, want to make it bigger, but the product sales in the market for a long time, then there was an explosion. It costs a lot of twists and turns, the supplier accepts the return, but only half of the money back to us, too lose." Although the incident has been more than a month, when the franchisee in Chengdu Xing Daolin received a phone call


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