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Serious homogenization of SNS site highlights the core value is the key

recently, Google+ and Facebook war, no doubt that the competition has been intense SNS site adds a bit unknown. A data show that currently only open source SNS station software UCenter Home built up the social networking site is not less than one hundred thousand. However, behind the hot surface of the cover is the user’s burnout. To everyone and happy, for example, after 2008 and 2009 years of hot, the user in the above residence time as a whole tends to reduce. The occupation of social networking sites sky network CEO Lin Tinghan believe that the reason behind is that homogenization of SNS site is serious, only highlights its own special value, in order to retain customers, and in the competition not eliminated.


five years ago, I put forward the idea that SNS is not only an application of the Web2.0 era, and will become a trend. One day in the future, SNS will become as popular as the search tool to become an important tool for business people to expand contacts, seek business opportunities and cooperation." Lin Tinghan said. When he raised this point, many of the SNS have now unheard of; it is the blossom everywhere. After experiencing a period of stimulation, many SNS users began to gradually return to reason. Up in the middle of the night to steal food, grab parking phenomenon is difficult to see. An American research company had SNS users made a special survey showed that only 18% of users because of the game and go to the SNS website, 50% of respondents said that due to tired of the game instead of entertainment SNS, 25% of respondents because of occupation demand on the SNS website.

entertainment website SNS game driven effect began to appear weak, the rise of micro-blog SNS also formed a certain impact. In this case, SNS to continue to develop, it is necessary to provide customers with continuous, more core value." Lin Tinghan said. In this background, there are two noteworthy phenomenon: one is the combination of SNS and electronic commerce website, the other one is SNS A new force suddenly rises. occupation.

is the occupation SNS field leader, Lin Tinghan stressed the occupation SNS and entertainment SNS difference: "one of the differences between SNS and SNS is the entertainment occupation power active members on the site: in Facebook, the mutual concern between members, because they have been friends in real life in the occupation; the SNS website, the members concerned about each other, because there are other potential business opportunities. For example, I will pay attention to you, because you have my favorite iPhone4 mobile phone for sale."


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