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Jilin nternet gambling case cracked frozen nearly 5 million yuan of gambling funds

Changchun xinhuanet.com on 11 February, the Jilin provincial public security department recently uncovered a major online gambling case, the suspect Lu Qi, Wu Gang, Wang Peng and other 23 people have been arrested, frozen gambling capital of nearly 5 million yuan.

last September, the Jilin Provincial Public Security Bureau police investigation found that a network of contacts outside the headquarters of the gambling group and Changchun, a nickname called security surplus QQ number online contact.

after a thorough investigation, together with the Jilin province so far the largest number of CANDU staff, and a huge amount of gambling online gambling criminal gangs surfaced.

through the investigation of "Ying", the police found "Ying" has unexpectedly large shareholder rights, in the "An Ying" on the network platform is the distribution of the 5 classes, which are major shareholders – shareholders – agent – agent – member, is the largest shareholder of the top. For the flow of gambling gambling money, all sources in essence the lowest layer of the hands. Members of the above class do not have to bet, as long as the member from the collection of bets on the income is quite good.

police identified "behind anyin" the network of virtual characters, is actually two people, respectively, Qi Lu 30 year old and 40 year old Wu Gang, they are changchun.

project team lasted several months of painstaking work, access to more than a thousand copies of network evidence. Out of everyone in the network’s true identity and the position of the main characters, in addition to the major shareholder of Qi Lu and Wu Gang, the other shareholders have members into the police line of sight.

day before the arrest team will quickly attack, Qi Lu, Wu Gang, more than the main shareholder and its CANDU staff arrested.

Qi Lu, Wu Gang confessed to the crime. In the arrests, the police also seized a pistol ball and knives and more, also seized methamphetamine more than and 70 tablets. The police detained suspected gambling computer 43, bank card 119, frozen gambling capital of nearly 5 million yuan.

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