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Chuan Lai Lin Feng transfers QQ.net domain new Chery QQ

May 12th news: after the name of the domain name 915.com ylmf digital million price change 91wan web game operators, the industry came again for another name mobi QQ.net will change the news, according to informed sources, the domestic enterprises want to spend 5 million won the QQ.net domain name.


figure: QQ.net domain name whois


domain name QQ.net was registered in 1997, the current domain name information still shows Lai Lin Feng held since November 13, 2009 last, Lai Lin Feng from overseas to buy QQ.net domain, a QQ.net transaction price has become the focus in the hundreds of thousands of attention, after most of the QQ.net and Yu Linmu wind jump 114la navigation as mobi. In October 2010, rumors of QQ.net will be used as a webmaster alliance domain name, industry focus on QQ.net never give up.

The industry believes that the two letter domain name

, the global number of mainstream, domain name based on QQ in China was only 4, the rare and precious remarkable, at present, the Tencent owned enterprises QQ.com and QQ.com.cn, but always not take QQ.cn, QQ.net domain name has been collected until the day before the wind, and the final destination of QQ.net the looming prospect is closely related to the three QQ domain name visible and hidden competition, no matter which industry application in the field, has the extraordinary charm and tension.


figure: Chery met QQ.net

it is worth mentioning that, except for QQ.com and QQ.cn two have used the domain name, without the potential value of QQ.net development more and more huge, anecdotal speculation, if the QQ.net successful transition of domestic enterprises, the largest buyers may in the automotive industry, Chery automobile, the body of QQ logo has become a popular brand, and on the Internet, Chery’s official website domain name but missed, and QQ two words so that the need to further expand the automotive market of Chery automobile, QQ.net will undoubtedly become the best choice of Chery QQ network brand endorsement.

it is understood that in the contemporary value of the domain name domain name blowout, the importance of using domestic enterprises, holding more or less fine good domain name blocking competitors, only for founder Lai Linfeng had assets under the name of the domain name of billions of dollars, the domain name is up to thousands of products, XP.com, 115.com, 116.com, with 769.com and cntv.com, a large number of the rare domain name, which includes shortly before the price transfer millions of domestic online games company 915.com domain name.


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