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Why does Ma Yun like to play ball Ali can dream come true

once time, ant payment service investment plan of CITIC Guoan news spread, a few rounds down, Ma personally went to Beijing to visit Chinese Football Association President Cai Zhenhua, to understand the situation, "whitewash" and related matters such as whether hengda. It is reported that Ma and Chang Zhenming, chairman of CITIC Group and the football association president, executive vice president, Mr. Zhang Jian, who met with. The purpose is to clarify whether Ma shares of national security and Hengda belong to the association.

Chinese Football Association for the association also has a clear requirement, not just look at the surface phenomenon, we must put an end to all possible sources of relevance. In the new transfer of the Chinese Football Association, the seventeenth clearly states: the importance of the transfer of equity and whether there is an association between clubs will be based on the principle of substance over form. As everyone knows, Chinese football had "Jianlibao" and "Shide" problems, now nature can not occur again these problems.

how to determine whether there is a correlation between death or not, according to the Chinese Football Association, "the Chinese Football Association Professional Football Club transfer regulations" prevail. Among them, the core question is: as long as the transferee at other clubs and club shareholder companies have equity, is there no correlation; form of cross shareholding between the shareholders and the transferee of the club and other corporate shareholders, but according to the principle of substance over form, as long as there is the essence of the cross shareholding, holding any association; the proportion is not set Chinese football transfer rules, there is no set and other clubs have cross shareholding shareholders to control whether the club’s problem. So how to define, has yet to be ruled by the Chinese football association.

of course, in any case, for Ma Chinese football attention and participation of hundred-percent indeed, though perhaps not the specific interference football club matters, but there are hidden or related is unavoidable. At present, Ma Yun’s Taobao and Guangzhou Hengda itself is associated with Alibaba and the business and Suning has a relationship with Jiangsu. This time, the ant payment service is intends through its wholly owned subsidiary of Hangzhou Hang Seng Electronics Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Hangzhou’s"), and other investors in Beijing love Chery East Investment Management Center (limited partnership), together to become the Super League club Beijing Guoan new registered capital of two subscribers.

to view their investment relations from ten Hundsun shareholders, the largest shareholder of Hangzhou Hang Seng Electronics Group Co., the largest shareholder of the group is Zhejiang rosan, Zhejiang rosan shareholder is the largest shareholder of the ant ant gold suit, gold suit is Hangzhou Jun Han (limited partnership), one of the Hangzhou Jun Han four shareholders is ma. The largest shareholder of Hangzhou Jun Han is Hangzhou Jun Jie equity investment partnership, one of the companies in the 20 shareholders of Hangzhou cloud platinum Cci Capital Ltd, the largest shareholder of the company is Ma Yun, the shareholding ratio is 100%.

obviously, Ma and Hang Seng Electronics (ant gold) relationship is greater than the substance form". It is reported that Ma intends to hold 36% stake in national security. According to "China"


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