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Cai Wensheng third party application developers can make money less than 5%


when China’s application developers are aware of the opportunities for the development of the platform, there is not much chance left for them.

"this is our best chance." November 16th, Sina micro-blog Developers Conference, enjoy the king of the king’s reputation as the Internet investor Cai Wensheng (micro-blog) to the domestic third party developers issued such a call.

Cai Wensheng’s words have been the developer’s response. Just over three months time, Sina by the various companies and individuals to upload the application has reached more than 800 developers.

"webmaster is out of date." Cai Wensheng said, before the webmaster to do a website, first of all to register a domain name, and then rent a space, but also to the Public Security Bureau for the record. After micro-blog, these may not be completely. As long as there are ideas, creative, you can play on the platform."

developer team has exceeded one hundred thousand

Sina currently has gathered at least 1000 of the third party developers, and reached cooperation with more than ten thousand sites." Sina vice president and general manager of the micro-blog division Peng Shaobin said, Sina micro-blog is currently on-line application of third party development has reached more than and 500, in addition to the more than and 300 application in state audit, once adopted, will soon be on the line.

this situation can not help but recall the early apple App Store or Facebook scene.

a few years ago, whether Store or Twitter, apple App Facebook, does not require any resources, any promotion, as long as you are cool dazzle, immediately can get user acceptance.

is reported that there are about 200 thousand Facebook applications, twitter also has more than 150 thousand applications, Apple’s App Store has a number of applications, based on the Google Android platform about 180 thousand of the application.

in June this year, Apple’s iPhone 4 mobile phone conference, apple CEO Steve · Jobs (Steve Jobs) said in a keynote speech, downloads the Apple App store has more than 5 billion times, according to the developers 70% of the revenue sharing model, the developer’s income is more than $1 billion.

who wants to become China’s PopCap Games ("zombies" developer) or Zynga (Farm Ville developer).

in App Store, "zombies" iPhone version of the line 9 days a gain of more than $1 million this year, PopCap Games revenue will reach $100 million, and the founder of the company, only two of an obscure American boy, even the university did not.


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