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EMNEM Chinese domain name hijacking rampant hackers appeared official website brawl

renamed China (eName.cn) August 29th hearing, it is reported that recently the EMINEM Chinese net official blog news release, "the domain name eminem.cn was hijacked, a large number of data and the server program is damaged, the server provider is working hard to repair." The hijackers are still on the Chinese EMINEM online leave hacked by Dirty.wu and QQ number, causing users to onlookers hot. Currently, the domain name is inaccessible.

figure: micro-blog information

it is understood that was founded in November 2009, EMINEM Chinese network, is a collection of Hip-Hop music, Hip-Hop professional knowledge, entertainment, etc. as one of the large Hip-Hop culture integrated website. The website was hijacked by hackers and attacks, EMINEM Chinese network Bo said, whether to full recovery is still uncertain, but thanks to Eminem friends about the hackers actively provide information, but also hope to know Dirty.wu friends tell him not to go to destroy you STAN over the years to pay.

micro-blog comments

on the EMINEM Chinese network was hijacked, claiming to be a friend of Dirty.wu in the official Bo commented that I am not afraid of you, but I can not bear so much Stan cheated by you. Then another Luokejie website internal staff said, you disguise the identity to deceive me, black US website, now still said I cheat on STAN? Then it said, I just hijacked domain name, the 2 time I asked to resolve back to the original IP, but you can not restore the site, said the resolution to the customer in the face? Arrogant hacker, a time both in the official micro-blog downtown is full.

At present,

, EMINEM on the official website of Chinese network yet when repair is described. The site server in a large number of attacks on the data and procedures have yet to be restored, it should be a long period of repair. Small deadline deadline, EMINEM Chinese net still cannot access the domain name eminem.cn.


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