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Jinjiang city literature frequent fault author escape the loss of readers

"Jinjiang city literature website began crazy?" for nearly a month, there have been friends for the past "old network literature website is very well behaved" There were many discussions. From the beginning of October, Jinjiang literature City frequent technical failures, charges confusion, management, missing and so on, resulting in a large number of authors began to flee, readers have lost. The earliest domestic network literature website seems to have been abandoned.

website "convulsions" author strike

was founded in 2003, the well-known domestic network literature website Jinjiang literary City, recently plunged into a mess. From the beginning of October this year, technology of frequent failure of the site, resulting in the literature author cannot update their articles, readers can not log in, reading and other issues, lead to the site and most readers dissatisfied with the signing of the. From the beginning of November, the chaos of Jinjiang literature city constantly upgrade.

Jinjiang literary city contracted writer Zhang quite helpless. He told reporters, at about the end of November, after the Jinjiang literature city again appeared serious technical failure, suddenly added a large number of page pop-up ads, and the site more uncertain than before, many articles read are "the author has been deleted".

the most excessive is that the Jinjiang literature city on the charges often wrong." Zhang said that due to frequent failures in the network, the site recharge system failure, many readers recharge the money seems to be instantly zero, can not be used.

In this case

, part of the author and the reader angry using a variety of ways to show their dissatisfaction with the individual authors even popular serial adventures to write "resistance, hope that through this way, caused Jinjiang city literature top note, as soon as possible to restore the normal website.

official "voice" asked no

, however, the city of Jinjiang literature on the quality of the site has been no response to the sudden drop. "Now as long as the Jinjiang city literature website can see, yijianbu was written almost burst, if executives did not know, must be. But no one has been able to respond." A writer who has been involved in writing the strike told reporters. It is understood that many people have to call Jinjiang literature city telephone company, is also a busy result.

the author also told reporters that he had privately and in charge of their own manuscripts of Jinjiang literature city editor communication, only one word: "hold on!"

at present, only Liu Xudong, vice president of Jinjiang literature city by micro-blog to answer questions from authors and readers. But for nearly two months Jinjiang literary city why so many mistakes, he did not make a detailed explanation.

until 16 this month, Jinjiang literature city official micro-blog published a message to be long in coming: "recently, as the web server migration, causing the site to appear a series of problems, causing inconvenience to you, we are deeply sorry. Now the technology department is working overtime to solve these problems


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