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Net exposure WeChat public platform brush powder to how much


] July 4th news billion state power network, the day before, micro-blog users exposed WeChat public platform brush powder by using the loopholes in the system of the phenomenon, and the disclosure of its brush powder process.

micro-blog users, the whole process of brushing the powder is only three steps: first, the use of Google browser to open the WeChat public platform, and landed WeChat public account.


second step, with the right click to display the number of real users, and then click on the review element, the bottom of the Google browser will pop up a code box, the number of users found in the code box.


In the third step of

, double click the number of users in the code, you will find that the number is selected, and can be modified. Moreover, other statistical data on the public platform can be modified, similar to the method.


"now, with WeChat platform made public advertising is very popular, a lot of fans public platform hundreds of hundreds of thousands, millions, but advertising in these public platform, the effect is not satisfying, look at the WeChat public platform data provided by the data, too. Who do not know, these data, there is too much water." Industry sources said.

According to

billion state power network to understand, in addition to Google micro-blog browser the user exposure, is actually 360, Sogou mainstream browser modify the number of fans through the way. But once the user exits to log in again, the number of fans will return to normal data.


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