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WeChat knife public number on Feng Ting fraudulent advertising 10 million

delete articles thousand articles, Feng Ting hundred public account, Feng Ting fraudulent advertising 10 million daily…… WeChat is the false, fraud, pornography and other harmful messages smitten.

yesterday, the relevant person in charge of the Tencent Inc WeChat business, including the first financial daily, including the media, will focus on the recent clean-up of harmful information. According to reports, the focus of the clean-up will be the number of the public, especially deliberately spread false information, fraud, pornography and induce users to share the public number.

in fact, just yesterday, WeChat told reporters, after the user reports, yesterday some public number spread in the circle of friends link exists pray induce sharing behavior, the WeChat group has this link are processed.

trust relationship is the cornerstone of WeChat’s acquaintance chain. The mobile Internet era, rumors spread very fast, the range is very wide, the more closely the matter and life, the more important and creative, innovative content, are more likely to be concerned about, or forwarded comments. While some criminals took advantage of people such as psychology, spread rumors have an ulterior motive, confuse right and wrong, to confuse the public." WeChat official said, pornographic, fraud, especially rumors and other harmful information, there will be damage to this trust, thereby affecting the healthy development of the entire communication environment.

WeChat to do, or return to the nature of communication, optimize the user experience, providing valuable services." An industry case analysis of the reporter said that from a certain extent, WeChat is forced to move the circle of friends of marketing groups from the simple pursuit of quantity to quality; and WeChat with the public account behind the cautious and restrained attitude, is largely in order to avoid repeating the mistakes before the micro-blog marketing.

focus on cleaning the public number

public information display, and now the total number of public WeChat has more than 5 million 800 thousand, the average daily growth from last year’s 8000 rose to 15 thousand. But almost from the launch of the public account WeChat began, junk information bombing marketing and false, fraud, pornography and other risks associated with health.

yesterday, WeChat relevant responsible person said for example, some time ago a lot of public number spread out "microwave heating of food carcinogenic rumor, the most influential articles include" killed microwave oven manufacturers also do not say terrible secret "and" urgent notice: please stop using the microwave oven ".

these rumors, immediately aroused widespread concern of users, and some even took the opportunity to profit." WeChat relevant responsible person said, not only relates to the front end of the rumor release, WeChat will also expand the scope of the transaction to the rear end of the transaction, such as the whole chain of rumors to clean up the chain.

through user reports, special clean-up operations such as multiple means, display data from WeChat statistics, only the first half of this year, the Tencent platform security center received reports about 60 million news reports, there are more than 35>


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