Google Adsense referrals will stop in China

1 hours before the Google Adsense Blog has just released the news, "Google Adsense offline promotion will stop in the China area, began to save only in North America, Latin America and Japan station at the end of January, the rest of the station began in February 2008 will not be able to do AdSense offline promotion.

official rhetoric:

If you ‘in North America, Latin America, or Japan, the pricing for AdSense referrals is structure changing.

If you ‘outside North America, Latin America, and Japan, AdSense referrals will be retired.


2 please stand in advance to prepare, do not spend energy in the promotion of Adsense.

official rhetoric:

Soon, you ‘no longer see option create referral button AdSense in your account, although existing buttons display will as normal.

for to the LL

note: in addition to Adsense other Google recommend products as usual.

note: this news has been confirmed, the United States AdSense headquarters has released the information.


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