Who is killed Nora

fast dying. Yesterday the market supervision administration of Shenzhen municipality held a hearing on the 260 million Nora huge fines, 7 working days will be announced after the final decision on punishment. Regardless of the final fall of the hammer weight, but it is almost certain that Nora has been overwhelmed by the.



260 million yuan of cash is to let it bleed directly, the greater the threat lies in this round of storm Nora brand, team and Nora industry hit. Nora executives did not show up, the team has been facing the dissolution of the basic support Nora video sites, the player has been replaced with an unknown tool pioneer video".

earlier, BT’s focus on the BT download and sharing website also closed down. FlashGet and eMule have closed, and our city thunder on "washed" journey, for the second time sprint IPO, it is in order to protect themselves.

P2P download decline pressure from many aspects. Player comes with P2P function to accelerate the decline of dedicated BT download tools. What’s more important is that people have higher bandwidth resources. Mobile phone, tablet, TV and other video playback hardware terminal and P2P tools to docking, the relevant regulatory authorities for copyright strike directly P2P cornered.

genuine era comes

Nora’s death, there is news that the Tencent reported that the reasons for the report, it suffered repeated complaints after Nora infringement, the other party is still not stop infringement, the final Tencent to the Shenzhen market regulators complaints. Shenzhen City Market Authority revealed that 260 million yuan is the company’s illegal business to Nora the amount of $86 million 716 thousand at a penalty of up to 3 times. In the case of infringement, Tencent Inc is the most important infringement party.

Behind the

known as the shareholders of Zhou Hongyi and Nora Ceng Liqing, a Tencent is a former rival, Tencent. But the Tencent is not so action personal, but the interests of the game. Under the general trend, the copyright has become the company’s core assets, whether it is resale or homemade content, each company is paying an increasingly high price for copyright.

another message, said the matter is not just a simple Tencent report. First by Baidu video to the copyright alliance complaints, followed by the Tencent to report to investigate nora. Last year, Baidu had been gathered video Youku potatoes and other components of the Sohu "copyright litigation anti piracy alliance". Baidu cut his wrist in this controversy, Baidu video quickly dismissed the P2P team to.

giants or companies, is mortal, will not always be the rights of the accused, the rights of the rights of the infringer is understandable. But Nora told us that China’s genuine finally landed. Since then, each enterprise may be due to video infringement to pay a huge price.

who shame who like


Nora will not be the last to be reported or prosecuted (suspected) copyright infringement


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