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CCTV exposure Baidu money push false website website ranked first.



consumers through Baidu search to a ticket website, not only cheated the money has not booked tickets. And Baidu to promote the link, in addition to ticket fraud sites, false maintenance sites, medical sites everywhere. With the increase in the number of Internet users deceived, some deceived netizens will own experience dubbed "Baidu you fooled". CCTV reporter unannounced visits found that after the transformation of the Baidu bid ranking system, is still false website spread, the more you pay more high ranking.

a ticket website ranking Baidu or

in June of this year, Ms. Yao, who lives in Hangzhou, Chongqing, through Baidu search where to go website. Ms. Yao compared to the first line of the website, found the ranking cheaper nearly a hundred dollars, she thinks as a web site, Baidu search out the site should not be a problem, through online payment, bought two tickets in June 25th. But Ms. Yao payment is successful, but the order did not, and eventually she found the site is deceptive.

after a month, CCTV reporter in Baidu search "where to go", found in the new promotion link, in addition to a real where website links, there is a 20diy website. The reporter bought a ticket from Wuhan to Guangzhou by China Eastern airlines. After the reporter paid 446 yuan, the eastern airlines customer service staff said the ticket was not successful. Reporters then reported to the police network, police said it was a fraud site.

Baidu promotion link full of false information

CCTV reporter survey found that, in addition to ticket fraud website, Baidu promotion link, there are still a lot of other false information.

in addition to the brand of home appliances, the reporter found that the media have been exposed to promote the results of the medical keywords, although Baidu has cleared, but there are still some keywords search results are very suspicious. Reporters in the Baidu with the treatment of fatty liver as the keyword search, the results of the first three pages of Baidu was marked as promotion link, where the link is a web site called search. According to the relevant provisions of the health food approval number, health food, health food advertising approval logo, health food is not suitable for such content to be expressed. But in the search web site, the page can not find a national approval number and other relevant information.

in addition to illegal health products information, infrared countries banned by Baidu promotion system perspective glasses publicity on the internet.

Baidu staff weapon loophole

crooks are how to get into Baidu’s CCTV reporter then contacted the Baidu Inc.

reporter asked people to make a false weight-loss products website, and took a copy of the business license and a copy of the approval, find the Baidu marketing center in Hebei. Baidu, although a staff member pointed out that the documents provided by reporters are false, but for the record


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