High force mail marketing is how to make

in 2014, was once the Luo – Luo Yonghao announced the network influential man to do a mobile phone, then silence after half a year, he released a hammer mobile phone, although the price is high, but the old Luo vowed that he is selling "feelings". In recent years, some was born in the age of Internet companies or products, rapid communication ability and huge fan base, relying on the unparalleled rapid development of information, and do not say millet five years did $forty billion miracle, see "carved sirloin", "Huang Taiji" such as example, readers of your feeling to what? I said, they forced all very high. E-mail marketing can learn from what?

mailbox as the earliest Internet communication tool, has become a part of the user only exclusive "identity", while engaged in email marketing not only has a long history, but also led to many email marketing practitioners outdated thinking habits along both of the cards, the specific performance:

1 does not attach importance to the segmentation of the user groups, will not track the results from the review of the group’s strategy to explore the law;


2 is designed as inflexible and blunt too observant of conventional standards., like most of the plane advertisement, not with the help of some new elements, not comprehensive use pictures, flash plug-ins and even audio and video to build a vivid and lively and vivid emails (in fact, a U-Mail email platform customers have the bulk mail design into one page the page is colorful, dynamic sound courseware, give readers a visual feast, a very good response).

3 writing is not creative, usually a discount, such as holiday promotion activities, such as manufacturing gimmick "limited panic buying", "fire sale" and "hot", a little feeling just keep talking.

4 no user experience, you can not find the appeal point, it is difficult to resonate.

Internet era, product segmentation is a big trend, each product will focus on their own "niche market", for example, Guo Jingming’s "time" on a pile of bad harvest film, but without prejudice to Guo’s hardcore fans for contribution to the box office; God carved sirloin, only to do a dish, focus on the middle class and C groups, high prices, but the product is hot. So, in order to write a high force grid mass mail, U-Mail mail marketing platform has so few suggestions:

1 must carefully analyze the target groups, such as income, class, age and other characteristics, combined with their own product price, image and other elements, carefully coined the slogan, and the design of the mail style, for example, an expensive watch, originally for the high-end crowd, if bulk mail "grass root" rich style, the market can see; such as an imported wine, priced at several hundred, belong to the middle class can be accepted, we understand the psychological characteristics of the middle class is a desire to respect the identity, we send mail to is to awaken their emotional needs, to help them find more similar groups, such as U-Mail>


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