nventory history of financial fraud

1, Ponzi scheme


is one of the world’s most classic scam, ancestor of modern financial fraud. With Chinese idiom is "rob Peter to pay Paul, sleight of hand".

all this, derived from Charles · Ponzi’s speculation. He said that in Europe with the dollar to buy the local currency to buy back coupons, and then get the United States to change the stamp to sell, 45 days can earn investment of $50%; 3 months to allow investment doubled.

the first "investors" is indeed in the specified time to get the promised returns, a large number of investors from. Looks very beautiful investment process, there is no reply coupons appear. The first person to get the proceeds of the investment is the investment from other investors, with the new investor’s money to pay interest and short-term returns to the old investors, making money illusion, and then cheat more money. He began to engage in investment fraud in 1920, about 40 thousand people involved in fraud.

cheated amounted to $15 million, equivalent to $150 million today.

2, a series of letter scam

20 years ago, issued the first letter format serial letter from the post office, the title is "to make money fast".

letter asks the recipient to a certain amount of money to send the letter to several of the names listed under the name, and then copy this letter sent to the other. The letter promised that the result of this is to make a lot of money with a small investment in 60 days to earn $40 thousand.

now there are a lot of similar means: often in SMS, QQ group, micro-blog, the forum to see forward and can increase the value of the phone, the message to 10 friends, will add $10 calls. I tried to be true, please check after the trial."

3, lottery scam

Canada criminal gangs to some British family call, tell them in Canada to awarding lottery, must pay a certain amount of the fee. Despite the poor means, but there are still a lot of people fooled, some even cheated 40 thousand pounds. Such reports emerge in an endless stream. For example, picked up in the street "two prize 260 thousand yuan prize", awarding the fax a copy of ID card and bank card account.

4, "the 419 fraud"

did you get an email like this?

wrote a letter claiming to be a senior official of the government of Nigeria family, and the freezing of bank accounts due to exposure to a coup or corruption, need help to tens of millions of dollars to transfer out, ask you to provide funds and bank account details, help them to transfer the funds, you promised returns. In fact, they will empty your account. According to the survey, Nigeria every year in the online fraud liar money $40 million.

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