Micro-blog + WeChat equals brand influence

now we live in an era of serious information overload, whether it is in the Internet, or seemingly clean streets, we are constantly harassed by a variety of advertising information. The same type, the same value, the same service products and the impact of advertising not to mind taking the trouble with the brain, who is good or bad is still inconclusive. In this case, the enterprise or product innovation breakthrough, establish a strong brand advantage, with the progress of the Internet, since the advent of the media era, micro-blog, WeChat has become the gospel of the enterprise brand.

[micro-blog can bring to the enterprise]

what is the micro-blog encyclopedia? Explain "micro blog (MicroBlog) abbreviation, is a relationship based on user information sharing, dissemination and access platform, the user can through the WEB, WAP and other client form individual community update information to about 140 words of text and instant sharing." It is not difficult to find out the following features of micro-blog from micro-blog’s explanation:

1, micro-blog has the characteristics of instant communication.

advantage: for corporate advertising, the company is most want to be able to quickly spread to everyone, and give the impression. When the user needs, the first reaction of the brain is the content of the ad, in order to achieve high conversion. A good micro-blog may spread overnight to 400 million Internet users.

: for negative information, micro-blog will speed the destruction of an enterprise, in the use of micro-blog marketing, should also have the micro-blog public relations department, able to respond promptly to the negative information, to minimize the loss.

2, micro-blog communication content more convincing

micro-blog is a social network based on user relationships. A good product, we all say that you still have doubts, then if your friends, relatives, are saying that it is good, it turned out to be really good. Advertising information based on relationships is more persuasive.

3, micro-blog is a good platform for people

is now a lot of companies, the company leader of micro-blog, still by the relevant departments on behalf of the operation, which is a misunderstanding of micro-blog. Micro-blog is a reflection of you, it is easier for users to see a thought micro-blog, on behalf of the operation, the staff released by micro-blog, thinking depth is not enough, can not cause the user attention. Leaders can better play micro-blog. Attract a large number of fans, and thus into the enterprise micro-blog.

[WeChat can bring to the enterprise]

what is the essence of WeChat


1, WeChat is carrying the user, business services and communication between machines and equipment, which is the essence of his core functions. Then extend the social function of the core essence.

2, WeChat is a app environment. App is a combination of complex logic. WeChat has been able to achieve a not very complex app >


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