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2014 micro-blog marketing JiNan Railway Station China participants perception

yesterday deliberately went to participate in the 2014 micro-blog marketing JiNan Railway Station in China, on-site activities, this event is a sales, the main push Sina’s fans through and other products. My "fans" is a preliminary understanding of advertising to target groups in micro-blog products, as social media forms, because the relative orientation precision, the ROI (return on investment) than other auction seems high, the Ministry found that sina people do not dare to blow (the agent is not seen in fact, since the media do), do the fans marketing do not need to vote money? No, no investment in marketing, only ROI level only, so people are still very optimistic about this product.

could see online conference schedule is looking forward to, went to arrive conference schedule is completely different, finally speaking is entirely another thing, big changes, but will highlight, but also a gain.


customers of small and medium-sized enterprises manager Ma Chong mentioned a sentence: "for Apple products, is the purpose for millet products, just reached the sense of participation means. The feeling is very brilliant, are envious of millet fans marketing capabilities, millet and fans of the degree of interaction is not to learn the general business, it is really the fans together in the manufacture of a mobile phone of their own. Millet’s success is to seize a person’s psychology: everyone is concerned about their own and their own things, the other is not important, do social marketing, marketing fans will seize the essence to work hard.

Ma also talked about what kind of products sell well on the Internet this topic, referred to the ultimate single product concept. If your product is good enough, such as "Chu orange", it would first send a good buy; if your products are very popular, then find features in additional properties, such as the "Ten Beauty Mask" packaging efforts to satisfy their vanity, "carved sirloin" consumer complex the ceremony, Roseonly effect, each ID card can only buy a back.

in micro-blog, WeChat to do marketing planning, only to seize the two points is enough: either lively look, or have benefits to take.


meeting is the highlight of the Shanghai Univer School of management professor Liu Yinbin teacher’s speech, too funny, let me through his speech about how 90 is a group of people: they are not subject to any given conventional sense of bondage, is a group of "thought" pursue absolute ego group, love is love, not love love is not real, very real. For example, after the 60 criticism they don’t read the newspaper through the traditional way of learning and access to information, how the future do the pillars of the future of the motherland? As long as they respond to that time is the natural and the pillars of the motherland, said don’t read what you need to know the customs? Now 90 Regal has many, many of them on their own legendary wealth the ability to create, acquire knowledge in different periods not in the same way that this is normal, but their response was especially, do not explain, many times a disagreeable conversation "hehe" two words over, even against the opportunity not to. So face >


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