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The idea of network hype under the eyeball economy

Characteristics of

eyeball economy

we look at the costume drama or books, will find that a lot of people will care about how people look at the world. In fact, this is a problem of fame honor, of course, worthy of attention. But I think, in the ancient Chinese, Fujian, Guangdong area officials to come to Beijing to work or what is to attend the meeting, should take two or three months. Instant court have emergency military, with the fastest speed at the time, it should be N for a long time. In other words, the speed of information dissemination and communication is actually very limited, many people may not have been out of the village. In this case, an ordinary person or a little bit of the characters, what happens, how many people will know.


is very limited in the information dissemination ability, still can pay attention to fame honor. But when the advent of the Internet era, a strong ability to spread information, many seem to have changed. We see that almost every year there is a XX gate and the like. Clayton, professor at the University of feeling, in addition to the fairy sister event, is in beautiful posture. Now like lotus elder sister XX gate N network hype event, almost all in the majority of Internet users impact values, even moral bottom line. This is probably the so-called Meiqimingyue eye economy characteristic.

common network hype ideas


Clayton University believes that the common network hype ideas as follows (such as a brick, honored):

1, friends broke the news (played by the planning side), speculation began.

2, users interested in a little bit of Sou planning party burden (part by planning party still play).

3, the topic began to upgrade and in-depth. Hot friends. Someone who has started to lead; events involving party comment; people began to doubt whether the speculation. Of course, Mu Zimei that there will be a lot of real users doubt the sound, not yet textual research. After all, users should be very pure, but also not too fooled.

4, after users "time and again", the protagonist of the event out of so-called statement published behavior. Trigger hot friends.

5, the last user found, was fooled. So some users decide, can no longer be fooled. But after years of practice, this decision is difficult to achieve. After all, the network hype means it is impossible to guard against.

from Baidu, GOOGLE search volume, Baidu Fengyun, etc., can be found, whenever this event occurs, the attention of users, it is not generally high. The hype of the planning side in the whole event, has always played a role in guiding public opinion.

network hype sonorous double line

from the point of view of network marketing, the power of the Internet hype is indeed very powerful. So there is a little network marketing people, often squatting in Baidu billboard and other charts.


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