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Home O2O biggest pit wool out of the dog let the pig to pay

lead: burn mode is irreversible in the past


"you are not engaged in the door of the O2O Mody, how did not collapse ah?"

this is an outspoken friend before two asked me one day, I felt a special representative.

some time ago suddenly came up with a criticism of the atmosphere of O2O, as if you do not curse O2O is not the same as the Internet, just like the first half of this year, the shares do not boast O2O as if you are not doing the Internet atmosphere. During this time, the bear was taken as the representative of the soft persimmon was completely black out, a bunch of suspected XX, biography XX burst XX was written out after the small media was a portal to turn over. If your company is as black as a Kung Fu bear, what should you do?

since the wind of public opinion so we will not casually go a mantis trying to stop a chariot, pass, we adjust the bulkhead. Now adjust for a period of time, a little bit of the results of the stage, only dare to come out a bubble: Kung Fu bear is still estimated to be able to adjust to a single profit.

yes, our goal now is to pursue profits. Some time ago to see "nine wins and one defeat", now O2O is much like that of the whole group purchase mode is the market, bad mouthing, at this time, story alone is unable to give confidence to the market, then we will use it to prove the profit mode as soon as possible "ashore".

but don’t say what we do today. Before I have not done out flicker, basically shameless + did not mind, say first before we stepped on the pit.

pit quite a lot, one can not write, the first to say the biggest pit: door model pit.

we have verified a basic point of view: most of the home service O2O model in the early stages can not do.

once upon a time, the liberation of the craftsman has become a fashionable slogan. All walks of life are hoping to break the shop will limit, service and demand side direct docking, save intermediate links accounted for the bulk of the traditional format. The ideal state is that each district has a lot of surrounding craftsmen, need time to minutes to door-to-door service, craftsmen earn big platform, take a small head. Revolution out of shops, door-to-door service is king!

that sounds like a great idea, but is it really the case?

sorry, not. Ideal state by nature is still far from 0 to reach this ideal state, in front of the capital cost, time cost and distance cost.

capital cost

this is a two-sided market, the need to maintain both the user and the server at both ends. When you enter a new city, users and service providers are 0. At this point, in order to allow users to get up, it is necessary to recruit a number of service providers, until their demand gradually saturated, and then reciprocating cycle. Before you reach the ideal state, the requirements >


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