Why is there no fake financing news


I was very embarrassed when the professor of University of Lancaster contacted me.


is to do all the chips to raise equity, she wants to work with me to collect the relevant data raised by the domestic equity congregation. I in this venture hunfan and write a few of the congregation to raise equity, angel investment related reports are reasonable in the circumstances is a good cooperation. But professor in eight time zones outside the UK, to some of my work looks very seriously, I really feel shy at home to do the report to fool her attitude.

found that the simple refusal to give up, I have to let the professor patiently listen to me for a few reasons:

1, Chinese to raise public equity has no clear legal definition of the research, I used to do, almost stones (and the fact that, in the future is not Professor ITU to two months, the Commission issued new regulations, a new definition of "public equity raise").

2, I am not a scholar, not to mention a neutral third party, in doing research, especially the report, in order to take care of some invasive, cast a circle of "friends", so there are some biased technology, it is statistical fraud.

3, even if those who provide me with the data of "friends" who believe me, there is no need to give me the unprocessed data, give me a false trouble.

After listening to Professor

, pondered for a long time, say, we’ll be in touch.

on a Friday night, I got a call from the professor again, this time not in the office.


, after a brief greeting, talk is just "budget", these data it is to read the heart of University of Lancaster prepared a sum of money. In addition, the professor also said that the data do not have to do my own, she contacted the students in China, she came to me directly, and I do not matter how rough material is not matter.

if the previous request is embarrassing for me, the British attitude of learning, it is now makes me ashamed.


What is the platform to raise public equity

, or that the former equity congregation raised platform (before the Commission changed the definition) what is

?It is the intermediary of

. Project financing needs of entrepreneurs to hang on the platform, sending investors willingness to invest, two blind date, see a click or shoot two powder. Financing the success of the project, there is no change in the financing needs of the change, the investment intention to hang there will not change. Comparison of muddleheaded media release muddleheaded finance news, intermediary hands really is clear but recorded.

However, even in the

platform to raise public equity of this product, the Internet, to eliminate the information asymmetry of the financing "supermarket" to "price tag" is not reliable, is often the case.


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