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Under the influence of e-commerce, the main performance of marketing channel innovation

under the influence of e-commerce, marketing channel innovation mainly in the following aspects:

1 channel model innovation

1.1 e-commerce has a virtual channel, virtual channels and the reality of the channel to promote the development of the channel model innovation. The electronic commerce makes the mathematical product, the product information, the transaction process, the physical distribution information, the customer service and so on may spread through the electronic commerce network. In most cases, virtual channels can not completely from the reality of the channel function and run independently, but played on the reality channel optimization, improvement, mutual promotion and mutual coordination and improve service level channel effect. Electronic mall to sell products through the Internet, and then through the logistics and distribution of products to reach the hands of users, it is the first channel model innovation performance. Now each industry enterprise according to own product characteristic, the channel foundation, the electronic commerce application level and the profession restraint condition and so on has formed each characteristic channel pattern. If the actual material products online retail, online wholesale, online auctions, online trading market and online customer service; software, books, music and other digital products of the "pure" virtual channels; financial products in the financial market and its derivatives in credit conditions are confirmed, through the network trading platform, flow all kinds of securities transactions.

1.2 E-commerce makes channel flattening possible. In the traditional channels, communication, recording, transmission and meet the personalized needs of individual customers, realize very complex and large quantities of personalized products and service delivery process, the enterprise is very difficult to make limited resources into a comprehensive, large-scale market promotion, therefore we need to use the middle part of the channel resources, to achieve the purpose of promotion of market. E-commerce, personalized customer relationship management becomes possible, and the effect of enterprise resource utilization efficiency is greatly improved, in order to expand their own interests through space, enterprises usually reduce channel link channels to reduce costs, strengthen the communication with customers, improve service level and customer delivered value, the flat channel with real economy meaning.

1.3 e-commerce has led to the optimization and integration of channel chain resources, and help to form a stable and close channel relationship. In the traditional channel chain, mutual information enclosed each link, in order to maximize their own interests, and the interests between the upstream and downstream fierce, the relationship between basic tend to mistrust, unstable operation channel. But the electronic commerce channels so that all aspects of information collection and analysis ability, at the same time in order to cope with the pressure of competition, channel links have to change the concept of the past, from each other and cooperate with each other to transformation, and strive to win-win and win-win results. On this basis, the channel by means of e-commerce, business process integration, information resources, cooperation, sharing channel facilities and equipment, to form a stable and competitive channel chain, so as to realize the integration of the whole supply chain.

2 channel marketing strategy, method innovation

2.1 product and service personalization


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