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Feng Xin said to the video industry storm, and Jia Yueting was not a circle

In an interview with the Beijing News reporter Feng Xin

in Beijing and about a fourteen east of the tea club.

A few days ago in an interview with

, Youku founder Victor Koo Youku announced he was leaving. Feng Xin laments the video industry is difficult to make a profit, so these video companies either become subsidiary of large companies, or start diversification.

IPO successfully opened up a storm diversified road, after more than a year’s time, the multiple attack, into multiple areas of pictures, sports, Internet TV, and on the Internet in the financial sector sharpening.

The Commission will fall this year

storm fixed growth plan, let Feng Xin short layout the biggest impact blocked, reflected in the film, and the plate is an important content of the link in N421 strategy.

before the listing of the first anniversary of the press conference, Feng Xin PK Jia Yueting, sang the wild son. During that time, with Feng Xin’s words, it has not the company and music as a comparison. In the face of a reporter, his concern is: "that song is obviously recommended to me by others."

said he liked the lyrics, ‘I want to bury my heart but the courage to re – small’, is the ‘small’ word to see the heavy courage, and use the phone search to reporters.

but are people in Shanxi, the commercial sector to repeat, it is inevitable that the storm and music as the two companies do not compare, not to mention, the two people even selected songs are the same.

in the face of comparison, Feng Xin said he and Jia Yueting exchange little, circle is not the same". The company put forward "small", do not want to play the Pyramid large group, the independent development of the respective companies. Less than a week after Jia Yueting issued an internal letter, put forward the "seven major ecological independent running, rapid expansion come to an end". And music as the capital chain facing different questions, there is no storm in this regard, which is the main question of the place or in terms of profit.

for the future of the storm, Feng Xin’s prediction is that after 2020, until VR glasses and storm TV real earnings, the company’s net profit will usher in explosive growth. In the past few years, the storm has been a slow climb in profits. This may mean that the outside world on its net profit and the market does not match the question will continue.

video industry may not see signs of profitability in the next two to three years,

Beijing News: before the recent Koo quit, like Youku potatoes, cool 6, the popular video started the founder, have left my own company, but you stick to now. What do you think is the cause of this phenomenon?

Feng Xin: in fact, this thing is not a matter of courage, it should be the development of the industry led. In business terms, are not profitable to the entire video industry this year, the next two to three years may also see signs of profitability, so most of these companies have become a big company to make money by way of other subsidiary.



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