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Who are the ten hot spots in the nternet in 2016 who died


2016 is a year of innovation boiling.


, sharing economy four words into the government report, then pay for content, network economy turns red burst, demonstrating the great charm of innovation, young people want to be your own boss, who can have; years, people surprised to find out, block chain technology and artificial intelligence of the high and cold words has become a hot topic of people, whether the new economy or new technology or popular culture and 90, and opened up a new direction for entertainment, you do not accept your old; at the end of the year, the Internet hospital low-key rise, bicycle sharing turned out to continue boiling. Straight viewers dazzling, full of excitement.

There are of course the main melody of

innovation disharmony in noise, including the beginning of the Wei Zexi incident, the recent P2P bare credit events, these problems in the development process of repeated exposure, pain becomes a real pain, that the liability of the regulators will aggravate increasingly, regulatory strategy also will produce major changes in the new.

where is the direction of the next year for the upcoming north wind in the 2017, people can not help but look forward to many. On the occasion of the new year, the biggest hope is that Internet Co’s IPO, according to Tencent Research Institute statistics, the sixth round of the Internet boom is about to start IPO. We can be optimistic that next year there will be one or two new giant was born. In addition, went to the capital market, the listing of the leading enterprises will appear a long savings has been a small outbreak.


in 2016 reached a new height, a hitherto unknown large pattern is formed……

2017, the Internet brings us should be a good harvest.

, a recessive employment share economy: fire fire

2016 is a year of rising share economy. At the beginning of the year, the share of the economy set off a business peak, and was listed in the two sessions of the proposal and the government report, after the rapid spread in more than a dozen areas. China and China in the year of Uber quietly merged, triggering a global concern. At the end of a few months braved the bitter cold bike sharing turned out, and to the industry brought countless lively. Recently, another founder Airbnb field to share and be outgoing and Chinese are local pig short rent short rent platform "the news of the acquisition negotiations.

and "sharing economy – the supply side of the new economic reform program" a book within half a year, became a major shop management list NO.1, which indicates that the share of the economy is still in great strides.

Why is

‘s share of the economy in 2017 will be unpopular, refused to waste the concept of life is to share the theoretical basis of the economy, the mobile Internet to provide a technical support for the sharing of the economy. Technology in the development, sharing the economy will not stop the pace of progress. With the surplus of the wind. People are surprised to find that through the sharing of the economic platform, the realization of hidden employment, has become a new social trends.


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