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The United States Film Association sued for compensation and apology for thunder infringement in Chi

NetEase Francisco January 20th message, according to foreign media reports, the American Film Institute (MPAA) said that member companies before they have sued infringement problems in Chinese, thunder (NYSE:XNET) company.

the defendant is the case of the Shenzhen Xunlei Network Technology Ltd, which is a Chinese online video service company, according to the number of users to charge. The American Film Institute’s mail statement pointed out that its members in January 19th in Shenzhen Nanshan District court submitted a petition. Thunder a spokesman said in a telephone interview, he is currently no information on the case can be provided. No contact with the phone on the court’s website, the media interviewed no reply mail.

thunder and the Motion Picture Association of America announced a cooperation agreement in June 3rd last year, that is, to provide legitimate film and television network broadcast service. Agreement announced three weeks later, the thunder listed in the United States, financing $101 million. The Motion Picture Association of America said in a statement today that members of the company are currently identified as "a substantial amount of infringement", but did not disclose details.

American Film Association President and director of Asia Pacific General Manager Ai Lishan (Mike Ellis) said in a statement, "without permission of the copyright owner of the case, the original content value is plagiarism and is used to profit. This has been going on for too long and must be stopped immediately."

American Film Association members including Paramount Pictures, SONY pictures, pictures, Universal Pictures, the twentieth Century Fawkes Disney film and Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

the American Film Association said it would seek compensation from the defendant in the case, stop infringement, public apology and pay litigation costs. The name of the thunder company in the United States film association appeared in the thunder and the name of the thunder prospectus is different, the two sides did not reply to the media to clarify the request. (



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