Importance of negativity

first_imgDon’t know but why I always want and wanted to look the other part of matter or you can say that I always try to find the logic behind the wrong side of the coin. But now anyone can say that there is no wrong side of the coin it has only two sides there is no wrong side. My whole logic is hidden in the statement that there is no wrong side its just a matter of perception.Each and everything in this world is good or bad with respect to something else. Without having knowledge about the bad taste of food your taste buds can’t help you to decide what tastes good and what’s not.Negativity is as much important as a positive attitude. Without the dark, there is no sign of the light even if there is no dark we will never think that there is any such thing as light even exists.As I quoted earlier its just a matter of time and perception nothing is evil let have an example for polythene it is a great useful and very helpful invention in the modern era. But it’s not degradable so it becomes bad for the people who are thinking and fighting for Earth’s global warming.I don’t find any interest in preserving things everyone in the whole world is coming together to fight against global warming but I can’t even find any logic behind this. OR I just have the other view that all the developed nations have more concern regarding this they have already reached the limit and using the resources at the full capability and now they are making noise for preserving natural resources.Let us assume we start to preserve all-natural resources from today then will anyone will think toward finding a new option for oil.last_img


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