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Zhejiang check online shopping rebate network pyramid selling case the number of successive collapse

involving the amount of 28 billion 700 million yuan in Zhejiang and then check the online shopping MLM case

more than one such sites have crashed

Li Juan

500 to buy back 500? Consumption is saving money, saving money is money? Consumer rebate website once blown bubble was punctured by.

yesterday, the Jinhua municipal government announced that Zhejiang’s Agel Ecommerce Ltd and its tens of thousands of shopping website on suspicion of organizing and leading pyramid selling crime, has been investigated and closed by the relevant departments. At present, the public security departments involved in the arrest of 47 people in the city of Jinhua, including criminal coercive force of 25 people.

according to the Jinhua municipal government to provide the data, as of May 30th, in the "effective integral shopping website to participate in" bonus rebate is close to 57 million 400 thousand, or a total debt of 28 billion 700 million yuan, while the book fund only 300 million yuan.

"First Financial Daily" reporters yesterday rushed to the site is located in Jinhua City, innovation International Building Plaza, office downstairs has been cordoned off, an internal staff said that the company is a mess, employees can not take away any paper products. Many franchisees around the door, reluctant to leave for a long time.



investment rebate rebate

Zhejiang Agel Ecommerce Ltd was founded in May 2010, million shopping site also set up. At the beginning of the establishment, Wanjia shopping is only an annual turnover of 1 million 650 thousand yuan of the third party shopping guide network, the site is basically confined to the Jinhua area.

but at the end of May this year, the "million shopping" has been set up in more than 2 thousand and 300 counties nationwide agents, hypostatic union shops all over more than 2 thousand and 300 counties, a total of more than 90 thousand franchisees, have the right to dividends senior membership of more than 700 thousand people.

this is because the "million shopping" to find a special development model. In February 15th this year, the "million shopping" launched the "one yuan rebate" super high return policy, to join and membership number of business expansion.

rules of the game are: for consumers, Wanjia shopping every 500 yuan for the right to draw a dividend of 1, that is, consumers buy goods of $500, you can get the right to pay dividends of 1000 yuan, is the right to pay dividends of 2. Every right to dividends per day up to 1 yuan rebate. If the consumption of 500 yuan a day to receive $1, the account can be taken after a total of 100 yuan. In theory, 500 days later, consumers can recover all of the spending, eventually become zero cost consumption".

so the money come from? In accordance with the "million shopping" rebate mode, each franchisee sales of 500 yuan products, need to pay 16% commission to "million shopping", as the source of the rebate. For example, franchisee sales of 1000 yuan of goods, must be turned over to $160 to ten thousand shopping".

This is a direct result of

, many members of the rebate shopping mode > drill


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