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Buy industry reshuffle has started to buy small and medium site difficult to survive

is still in full swing last year to buy the market, suddenly ushered in the winter. Listed refused to pay cuts, layoffs, stop advertising, absconding…… In September the group purchase industry looks like the hit series "startling step by step". Yesterday, a Amoy network released in September to buy market monitoring and research reports. The report shows that in September China’s group buying market trading volume was essentially flat with the year August, the group has been to stop the growth of the industry. At the same time, the commodity group based Juhuasuan, handle network, dianping.com, the U.S. group net life service group based TOP 10 sites occupy more than 90% market share, the other more than 5 thousand group purchase websites accounted for only 10%.

September buy market growth stalled

from the overall volume of transactions, the overall turnover of the group buying site in September and basically flat in August, the total transaction volume of goods in kind and life service group is about 1 billion 900 million yuan. But from the growth rate, in August to buy the industry growth rate has created a new low of 1.05%, the market growth rate of only 0.3% in September, the growth trend is almost stopped. From the market trend, in October the industry is likely to buy negative growth.

it is worth noting that, in a Amoy currently included in the buy site, at least more than 8% of the site did not update the purchase of goods in January. At present, the whole group to buy the industry to buy more than 5000 sites, that is, at least in September there are more than 400 buy site is a major adjustment, has stopped updating, the site has been revised or closed.

large buy site caught in financial difficulties

from the third party media monitoring company data show that from the beginning of July, love the burn of the domestic group purchase sites began to stop advertising. The amount of the entire group to buy the advertising industry from July to more than 160 million yuan directly down to less than $100 million, to enter in August, buy the site’s media advertising at around 60 million yuan, refresh lows again. According to industry sources, the current group buying site in TOP 10, at least 80% have stopped advertising in television, outdoor, buildings and other media programs.

a Amoy analysis believes that the site to buy the site to stop advertising, layoffs frequently reflects the plight of the current group buying capital chain tension. At present, most domestic group purchase website investment is in the last year, after a massive burn last year and the first half of this year, Groupon listed blocked the issue that most investors began to re-examine the industry, whether it is the amount of investment or investment rate began to slow sharply, while the vast majority of the site is still in the "loss of group purchase the money earned" era, if you can not get the follow-up financing guarantee, capital chain is operating normally, the group purchase website future closures in the likely group purchase "big" figure.

buy consumer to two or three line city diffusion

a scouring network for the one or two and three tier cities from the 2010 third quarter >


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