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Cheap CN domain name to destroy the dream of Baidu health and hard work

from 98 yuan of.Com international domain name, to the current $1.Cn domestic domain name, the change in the price of the domain name witnessed the history of the development of China’s internet. A top international or domestic domain name represents the legitimacy of a website. Today, the ultra low price.Cn domain name to the Chinese Internet long who brought the most direct benefits, to reduce the cost of the station, a large number of sites hanging.Cn domain constantly emerging. Represents the prosperity of China’s Internet, but also to the Chinese webmaster and Chinese search engine has brought a nightmare!

do a website for a long time is the dream of most of the webmaster, my site mobile home http://s.sjjia.com is with my dream in 3 years ago to do it hard. With the operation of the site, slowly by the major search engines. Among them, Baidu search included the page up to the most traffic brought by Baidu included and updated, is the recognition of the site. Is the recognition of the hard work. This situation has been maintained for more than 2 years, until one day suddenly found in the Baidu search in can not find my website! Although the website and search traffic, but the site is K, a lot of traffic is reduced, this situation is believed to be a terrible thing for most of the webmaster. Dream shattered, for a hard to do a few years of Web site owners, is how big blow. Find sites are K reasons, can not give up.

to find the reasons from their own website, and no search engine for cheating. Other causes of Baidu K station are also one reason to exclude. In the end is what the problem? A habit of Baidu search in their own web site name: mobile home when the site was found to be the reason for the Baidu K out. If I read a page of Baidu records included, may I never would have dreamed of some owners do not have the intention to cause my station was Baidu as cheating and being kicked out. The culprit is ultra low-cost.Cn domain name.

a webmaster, registered a large number of.Cn domain name, the low cost of.Cn domain name for him to search for Baidu cheating greatly reduces the operational risk.

every page on the.Cn domain name website is completely copy on Baidu’s top ranked web site content,

, for example, the following is a different.Cn domain name copy my site mobile home http://s.sjjia.com page content. .cn domain names are registered with the same page content to the same spelling, and the content is completely copy



I want to be a Baidu search to read these CN websites, no intelligent engine system for the first time will give me the website www.sjjia.com as cheating sites, the result is directly to my site domain name K off, and the.Cn domain name is good.


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