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How many people in the network marketing work is almost mentality

in the US, the number of "almost" mentality, you found? Graduate, find a job, "almost" with "almost", with "almost" mentality, do the "almost" work. Wait to fall in love, to find a "almost" people talk about love, but not to pass the time, then. Finally arrived at the time, find a "almost" married. Usually for parents can not say filial piety, almost the point can be, until the almost ready to have children, so, everything began to infinite loop.

girls love shopping? No matter when, always a few friends and her boyfriend go to the mall or pull, when shopping can always see N "almost" clothes, always take some clothes to the dressing room, in front of the window, there are so few salesmen and you say, "Wow, beautiful it fits you very well, very beautiful." So, you put the "almost" clothes to buy a home, such as home, you that "almost" clothes in your closet, but there was a time when you will remember that "almost" clothes, did not seem to have been through.

"almost" in the end is how much difference?

said before a lot of "almost", what is the difference in where? When you speak about the same time, have you considered the "almost" the meaning of what is it? If you put "almost" do good, whether you can confidently say my proposal is the best.

believe that we know that such an advertisement, that is, white and black: the day to eat white piece of sleep, eat black at night to sleep soundly. About this ad, you can understand what? An ordinary cold medicine, there is nothing special, but it is more than a black film, it gives everyone a lot of highlights, with a lot of attraction. So, what is the difference in the end is how much you have the answer to your heart?

in the network marketing work, how many people are almost mentality

SEOER: Today spent a little bit of thought to do the company station, it is estimated that tomorrow will be a bit like the ranking, there will be 1,2 ah, better than no ranking. "Almost", with the company bonus, no bonus is not done. (when you…… for the optimization of the website "almost", and believe that you need to spend time if someone else’s N times, estimate your raise plan to kill.


network editor: wrote some articles, "almost" can, but also pointing to make money writing? Then if there really are people, products are sold, the company will give me the reward? If not, "almost" can, then write so many useful? To help people make money, still do not do… Because of you…. ("almost" mentality, so the company of your salary has been maintained at the level of "almost".


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