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Viral promotion practice report kidnapping statistics code

I have been criticized not concentrate on the street station, finally one day in the avatar under the guidance of serious to do a link website: www.52link.net. Who knows just pick up, on the record storm, closed for more than a month, the flow is gone, so the beginning of the ambitious disappeared. But in recent years the biggest gain in the Admin5 is learned to insist and continue to try, so decided to poguanziposhuai, stop the function of development, to use the station to try a technique based on the type of virus promotion.

is the first means of CNNZ traffic code cheat.

, the first method is to know this graph king recommended me for a Admin5 member to publish the article mentioned by cnzz statistical code hang others, when people see when they visit the page will see a strange station, are very likely to click. This article also gives a randomly generated cnzz statistics ID program. However, because of the statistical ID cnzz and the server may not correspond, so the probability of success is very low probability of ID generation, and I do not want to know the way garbage promotion. So there was no in-depth study.

the thought of that trash moves, decided to study them carefully, because there is a master said: too high will starve to death, to eat depends on junk means.

the reason for the low success rate of the code is that there are a lot of cnzz statistics server, each server to save part of the ID data, if these ID and server numbers do not match, you can not succeed. A long period of time this method is very popular, I see some code, almost all give up randomly generated code, while using fixed statistics, statistical code is with hundreds of others website with div hidden layer in web pages, each page view are these, will not change.

I of this method to improve the look, write a small program to a server, a batch of violence, finally gets a server below more than 10 thousand ID, and then use these data to write a random generator, each generated 100 code hidden in the bottom of the page. This can be randomly selected in the more than 10 thousand ID code, and almost 100% success. Because I am the main role of this site is the link batch query and connection weight query. Because through the cnzz to view the traffic over the interview page is the webmaster, so ip high quality. I apologize to the host who was kidnapped, I just test this method and write it out for everyone to share.

then I do the improvement, is the query tool using my website, because whether the query of a web site and above all Links made a return to chain, need to grab the other side ", at the time of analysis and statistical analysis of the code of the other party, and the code is loaded onto the website. This is no longer limited to the more than 10 thousand sites on the server.



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