Baidu new algorithm included in the new site

recently, Baidu seems to be more stringent audit of new sites, the past 3-5 days on the basic included, and now some new sites only received a month 1-2. Study on the recent Baidu included some problems, although they have not seen what the real effect in which, but several underlying causes have been analyzed, up to the policy factors, the overall should are summarized in the following:

1 Baidu SEO anti cheating adjustment: page keywords too much, you may not have noticed, because people often do not use what is the station of calculation tools, all by the feeling, cause "caused by excessive keyword.

2 Baidu anti link algorithm adjustment: now is not relying on the message, blog era, so it is not as good as the station before adding a link to Baidu.

3 Baidu launched a new search feature: Blog search caused (specific observation).

4 Baidu keyword for too sensitive to make the algorithm to adjust: more likely to be based on the update speed, flow, quality links and other more comprehensive factors to determine the site.

5 Volkswagen consensus point is not Baidu not included site, but Baidu temporarily put the site in the cache database, to be tested in accordance with his rules and then show to visitors.


1 to establish an excellent Baidu union site, relying on Baidu Union Station Driven Baidu included, Baidu Union Station daily PV can control in 3000+ is the best.

2 to change the status quo, to update the site, content innovation, exchange quality links.

3 control of the site’s keyword density, do not use the previous model to do stand, the real content reflected. Hype and then you must also have a substantial, or there is no selling point.


If Baidu

algorithm does not adjust the current database that Baidu estimates there will be fewer us anxious at the same time he also anxious people are listed company is the world’s largest search without content he will lose a lot of wait maybe wise Baidu alliance had issued a notice on the list we can inform the user data cleanup the reference (some nonstandard practice) the name of the site does not meet the requirements of the situation:

1, the name of your website with


2, your site name is signed

3, the length of your site name has more than 15 characters

4, the name of your site with a promotion or introduction text

5, your site name is too simple, semantic description may be ambiguous

6, your web site name is English domain name address

7, your web site name and website content >


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