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Barfly Garmin Updates to 2.0, Includes More Mounts, Di2 and EPS compatibility, more

first_imgYes, the Barfly Garmin was just updated in January with the 1.1, but based on customer input and the spirit of continuous improvement Tate Labs is set to release the Barfly 2.0 at the Sea Otter Classic. Still made in the US, the patent-pending Barfly 2.0 gets some cool updates as well as compatibility upgrades that keep it ahead of the aftermarket computer mount game.Check out the Di2 and EPS compatibility and more after the break. Nearly everything has been redesigned with the 2.0, including the mounting position. Not only are there two mounting positions now that are optimized for 2 computer sizes (200/500 and 510/800/810) but the computer head now sits level with the stem instead of above it. Garmins can be installed in either position without tools giving you a tactile click once installed, and the mount material will not damage the computer’s mounting wings. The main bracket arm also appears to be relieved for decreased weight compared to the original.The other big change is the addition of Di2 and EPS junction box compatibility on the bottom of the Barfly. From the pictures it looks like it is compatible with the junction boxes from the Dura Ace 9070 group, but we’ll confirm when we see it at Sea Otter. Not pictured, but mentioned is the fact that there will apparently be a light offered that mounts under the Barfly as well, presumably if you’re not running Di2. The Barfly Garmin 2.0 will run 24.95 and will be available in May. There should be some more stuff from Tate Labs at Sea Otter, so stay tuned.last_img


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