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Golden Wangzhuan how will your own website promotion out

how to improve the popularity of the network marketing network to improve the site has a crucial role to play. How to do a good job of network marketing?. But in many network marketing methods, the number of ashes to the forum to promote the number of.

believes that although many webmaster BBS promotion is too monotonous, too corny, this did not cause enough attention.

, however, the Internet is the first to promote the promotion of the forum, and the promotion of the forum because of its simple and practical has continued to today. Although the forum to promote simple, but it also requires a certain amount of soft Wen injection, promotion can be successful.

due to write soft article takes time and effort, so many webmaster of this headache. How can do BBS promotion success? Get a large number of hits in a very short period of time? To bring more value to the


therefore, golden Wangzhuan for everyone here to introduce the successful experience of our website promotion, for your reference.

A: how to choose the best website: 1, choose the website that you are ready to promote with the same website, do not choose to promote their own content independent website. 2, select the authority of the high, high web site, decide whether you want to promote the success of the forum. 3, to determine whether you choose as a forum to promote the site is allowed to publish with a soft connection. It is very helpful to allow the web site with links to improve the forum you want to promote.

two, carefully read the site rules what needs to have principles, like if there is no social norms to restrain, they messed up. So is the network. Many forums have their own principles, so the relevant system, carefully read the site principle, if you violate the principle that your posts are likely to be a moderator deletes.

three, determine the content of the theme of the forum to promote the content, the theme must be novel, popular, or their own expertise. Such as hot news recently popular in the world cup, Cecilia Cheung and the like, so as to attract the attention of the public.

four, the title of the novel in order to catch the eyes of the masses of users to enter your forum, the first is to look at your title, if the title is not attractive, it is likely that he did not continue to browse the desire. Therefore, first of all, to write the title, in addition, the title to the design of a conspicuous, so as to give an impression, will increase the amount of access.

In addition to the content of the

plus attractive content, it was a greater chance of being reproduced. Add links, but also to increase the amount of access to a big way, but we must bear in mind that we should pay attention to the friendship of the website and the Internet users of the site’s impression, feeling.

five, the use of the top stick affixed to the role of the new posts are not allowed to post the old posts buried down, so that users see again, once again being clicked. However, the contents of the top paste can not be too simple, such as: top, good and other simple words can be. This content must be consistent with the content of the post. This >


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