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Experience sharing SNS in what profit model winter

December 2nd, a label character of Internet Xie Wen announced the departure, with his hand built together "network" together, SNS in pity and feeling, the domestic SNS is in the SNS era seems to be coming when it began the winter? SNS is not the only way to die, but SNS is the trend time, waiting for the spring time, energy through this winter, the spring would not be too far away.

membership fee system to achieve revenue

is currently the best SNS profit model is to provide membership system to provide paid services to members. However, this model is not suitable for all of the SNS site, suitable for SNS prerequisites are: first, professional vertical website, gather the same characteristics of the user; two, has a strong service team.

gain profit from the membership system is precious network. Treasure network 3 years ago by the 1 million free registered members now become a registered member of the 13 million. Now the monthly income has exceeded the sum of the other 3 major competitors monthly income, the successful election of the United States magazine’s Asia’s top 100. Treasure network profit model is to provide a single pair of men and women members of the service fee charged 1999 yuan. Cherish the true meaning of the network to achieve a membership payment profit model.

value-added services profit model

The number of

for many other users, but not professional services SNS website, their current profit outlet where? That is the value-added service, the representative of 51.com on the proliferation of services do the same industry leader. Huang Shaolin describes the successful experience of 51.com in value-added services, the first is to cooperate with the user into the company.

51.com has a virtual store, for example, between friends can send roses, a 5 yuan of money than normal flowers are expensive, this is the virtual goods. The user can spend image and personal dress personal space, can buy virtual goods in 51.com virtual store decoration. This model is somewhat similar to QQ virtual mall, such value-added services accounted for more than 70% of 51.com revenue.

VC how to treat SNS?

although SNS are considered to be a good model for the development of the Internet, but the profit model is not clear or let a lot of venture capitalists. For many SNS sites lack of funds, they are not clearly looking for funds and venture capital to discuss the judgment, they are in the end what is the meaning of


famous American risk investment institutions Dragonvest partners made in this forum founder of many websites with the answer. What will venture capital investment in the end what


Charles Li said, "the wind is still the most fancy profit and cash flow of SNS, the main or advertising potential? In addition, for the SNS site, VIP service revenue, we also very fancy. SNS site may be required


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