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Website to promote the real case of a post to bring tens of thousands of P

the following posts, brought me thousands of IP, now the case to share with you.

do a lot of network promotion brothers may ask, why do you want to do this?

Is there any reason for


do not know if you have studied the Baidu post bar does not, Baidu Post Bar ranked top 100 post bar, a lot of love and marriage. Many netizens are very lecherous, shisexingye, SEO Ren Qiushi once said pornography and the free flow of huge, I also participated in his flow and keyword match, a lot of harvest.

select the theme and paste it, the following tips.

first of all, you have to look at the article is true, at least as true, let people believe your story.

secondly, your article must jump out of the usual circle, to attract immediate attention.

again, the need to attract their replies, as long as people continue to reply, you will never stay in Post Bar home, sank, and will be up soon. (this is also suitable for the promotion of the forum)


can attract thousands or complete reply, then to import your website traffic estimation is not lower than 5000.

finally, we have to write the title to attract people, so that their posts from the numerous posts inside the eyes of friends pulled.

so much, welcome everyone to correct and criticism.

below is a complete case:

30 years old unmarried female (I have a car there is room, clothing company) marriage how your request: your parents, do not bother

time in a hurry to throw people, always think time can let me young, how many refused to join the sea and the beautiful rose red. Not yet ashore, but found that has changed, can act like a spoiled child age Fadia had left me, looked at the boys and girls kissing happy appearance, heart feel desolate, especially during the Lunar New Year holiday, in the huge and seemingly luxury house is full of self pity more desolate. Even though a number of possessions, BMW and how, today suddenly found that this is not my life, I need to find a good man considerate of me, love me for a lifetime. The truth in front of the so-called household, rich and poor, looks so not worth mentioning, as long as you are not less than 1.7 meters, honor their parents, do not bother, and I fall in love, I will be with you forever! Do not you!

sincere, please leave contact information, to make a brief introduction of the self. I will take the initiative to contact you.

is a good man, please do a test. The test results presented here please reply.

test address: http://s.bjchye.cn/post/71.html

as of 10 this evening, I have used this method to import the post of the 13333 IP.


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