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Website promotion is not take the unusual way

Because the

webmaster occupation high degree of freedom, self financing, also do not need to see the boss look now to do this are more and more. And how to promote the site has become a priority. The majority of the webmaster friends according to their own experience summed up the promotion method can be described as multifarious, what BBS promotion, blog promotion and so dazzling. I am not only, but also have some experience to promote the site, and according to my observation is not a lot of people. Here to share with you. I gave myself a way to promote a name, called "3+1 mode". It sounds very mysterious ~ oh. Is the common way of promotion and common way together, both to achieve the purpose of.

first, is my unique cheats release information this method in life network, classification of information online: using life website. 58 life network, Ganji, list, Jinti, as these sites must be concerned. Although they are not the forum, but the effect is no less than the spread of the forum. For example, I promote the site is mainly investment agent, I am in these sites in the investment column and recruitment column in advertising, and now find a job so many people, the popularity of natural. But here you need to pay attention to the issue of advertising a problem: often to change the subject, do not send repeated information.

second, Forum promotion forum to promote the mystery in fact needless to say, we all know, but did you know that the forum is to promote the trick? I see a lot of people blind random posting, suddenly an advertisement will go up, a few minutes has been deleted. What is more serious is that some directly blocked IP. forum must pay attention to this special place, you have made the post title, the first to rely on interest, can lead the discussion to second, this can not be deleted, and can bring flow.

third, blog, questions and answers in the form of promotion can not forget these two methods are believed to be used by most people. With the popularity of the blog, also can share their experience with people, Why not?? ask for more promotion, in which there is no redundancy. In a word, there are many methods, and many are not found. I am here is mainly introduced by common methods of life network, hoping to more webmaster to inspire, finally please indicate my station, toner list: http://s.shuangfushui.org/.


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