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So many users need to find the core point of the product

any product before development, always face a variety of needs. In the case of limited resources, how from this pile of user needs, to extract the core point of the real products need to be developed, and to obtain the customer satisfaction, which is always any product manager cudgel thinking.

I think, OPPO and millet competition in 2016 may give us a little inspiration to do the product. First of all, I am not any mobile phone mobile phone black powder, nor is any, I’m just a rational product analyst.

we see, OPPO and millet market share in 2016 there has been a swap change. Known as the number of mobile phones will only play TV advertising OPPO sold, actually exceeded the Internet is known as the leader in the field of millet.

from the production point of view, and now the smart phone solution is very mature, to some extent, is a combination of various hardware, coupled with the system and software.

from the market point of view, in 2016 the intelligent mobile phone has been in the demographic dividend period ends, choose a new mobile phone users are often the replacement behavior, so how to impress the users to buy new brands and new

mobile phone?

today’s headlines annual report released 2016 mobile phone pointed out that OPPO’s flagship mobile phone OPPO R9, the largest source of inflow is actually millet. Purchase OPPO R9 users, 18% of the original millet users.


pictures from today’s headlines 2016 mobile report

why these users do not choose millet phone?

I am a severe intelligent mobile phone with iPhone from iPhone1 to 7P, from Samsung Note1 to S6, and then to the domestic HUAWEI, millet, OPPO, VIVO, a series of millet, basically every generation of mobile phone flagship mobile phone has deep experience.

this year is also attracted by the sales of OPPO, I bought the OPPO flagship phone R9s, but also purchased a millet flagship phone MI 5S depth comparison. Here is my understanding of the product to analyze the reasons:

1, sensory experience determines the user to choose

from the technical parameters, R9s CPU (Xiaolong 652) and MI 5S CPU (Xiaolong 820) is more obvious than the intergenerational gap. But the user does not seem to care about the parameters of CPU, they pay more attention to sensory intuition, especially OPPO and millet, the most important users from the second tier cities, these users pay more attention to sensory experience.

(1) appearance and screen size feel

R9s the whole look, almost a iPhone 6 feel. In the hands of the time, the user is far from the first


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